Carcinogenicity : Testing: Predicting, and Interpreting Chemical Effects book cover
1st Edition

Testing: Predicting, and Interpreting Chemical Effects

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ISBN 9780824798932
Published October 29, 1998 by CRC Press
918 Pages

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Book Description

Offers comprehensive coverage of currently available cancer predictors, the most recent research on carcinogenicity, and the design and interpretation of carcinogenicity experiments. Presents mouse, rat, and human carcinogenicity data for the liver, kidney, breast, cervix, prostate, hematopoietic system, colon, skin, urinary bladder, mouth, stomach, thyroid, and pancreas.

Table of Contents

Testing Carcinogenicity

The Cancer Bioassay, Paul Grasso and Shirley Price
Value, Validity, and Historical Development of Carcinogenesis Studies for Predicting and Confirming Carcinogenic Risks to Humans, James Huff
The Maximum Tolerated Dose and Secondary Mechanisms of Carcinogenesis, James S. MacDonald and Harvey E. Scribner
Mouse Liver Carcinogenesis, Thomas L. Goldsworthy, Elizabeth H. Romach, and Tony R. Fox
Information Sources on the Carcinogenicity of Chemicals, Kirk T. Kitchin

Predicting Carcinogenicity

Use of Mutagenicity for Predicting Carcinogenicity, David M. DeMarini
Improved Predictivity of Chemical Carcinogens: The Use of a Battery of SAR Models, Orest T. Macina, Ying Ping Zhang, and Herbert S. Rosenkranz
The ke Test, George Bakale
Gap Junctional Intercellular Communication as a Method to Detect and Predict Carcinogenicity, Vladimir Krutovskikh and Hiroshi Yamasaki
Predicting Chemical Carcinogenicity by In Vivo Biochemical Parameters, Kirk T. Kitchin and Janice L. Brown
Liver Pyruvate Kinase as a Predictor of Promotion of Hepatocarcinogenesis, Susumu Yanagi
Predicting Carcinogenicity: Peroxisome Proliferators, Jonathan D. Tugwood and Clifford R. Elcombe
The Rat Liver Hepatocellular-Altered, Focus-Limited Bioassay for Chemicals with Carcinogenic Activity, Gary M. Williams and Harald Enzmann
Transgenic Animals as Predictive Models for Identifying Carcinogens, William C. Eastin and Raymond W. Tennant

Interpreting Carcinogenicity: Organs with High Animal and Low Human Cancer Rates

Human Liver Carcinogenesis, Wai Nang Choy
Comparative Kidney Carcinogenesis in Laboratory Rodents and Humans, Gordon C. Hard
Forestomach and Glandular Stomach Carcinogenesis, Masao Hirose and Nobuyuki Ito
Thyroid Carcinogenesis, Geraldine Anne Thomas

Interpreting Carcinogenicity: Organs with High Animal and High Human Cancer Rates

Lung Carcinogenesis, F. F. Hahn
Mammary Cancer, Minako Nagao and Takashi Sugimura
Cancers of the Hematopoietic System in Rodents and Humans: Chemical Factors, Physical Factors, and Molecular Epidemiological Studies, Elizabeth W. Newcomb
Urinary Bladder Cancer, Shoji Fukushima, Hideki Wanibuchi, and Shinji Yamamoto
Cancers of the Oral Cavity, Dhananjaya Saranath
Reactive Intermediates and Skin Cancer, Moushumi Lahiri, Hasan Mukhtar, and Rajesh Agarwal

Interpreting Carcinogenicity: Organs with Low Animal and High Human Cancer Rates

Prostate Cancer, Maarten C. Bosland
Exocrine Pancreatic Cancer, H. B. Bueno-de-Mesquita, Marko Jan Appel, Henk J. van Kranen, and Ruud A. Woutersen
Colorectal Cancer, Gabriel A. Kune and Luis Vitetta
Cervix Uteri and Uterus Cancer, Marios Marselos

Interpreting Carcinogenicity: Summary of All Organs

Interspecies Differences in Response to Chemical Carcinogens, David B. Clayson and Kirk T. Kitchin

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