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1st Edition

Cardiology Science and Technology

ISBN 9780367864248
Published December 10, 2019 by CRC Press
561 Pages

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Book Description

Cardiology Science and Technology comprehensively deals with the science and biomedical engineering formulations of cardiology. As a textbook, it addresses the teaching, research, and clinical aspects of cardiovascular medical engineering and computational cardiology.

The books consists of two sections. The first section deals with left ventricular (LV) wall stress, cardiac contractility, ventricular remodeling, active wall stress and systolic pressure generation, and vector cardiogram characteristics, with applications in cardiology. The second section covers ECG signal analysis for arrhythmias detection, LV pumping (intra-LV, aortic and coronary flow) characteristics, and coronary bypass surgery design, with applications in cardiology and cardiac surgery.

This book is like an exciting train ride through the heart and into blood flows within its chamber, the coronary tree, the aorta, and finally into coronary flow and bypass grafting. The train starts from the heart’s central station and journeys through exciting places of heart wall stresses, cardiac contractility measures to characterize heart failure, and active stress generation to develop systolic heart pressure. We learn about cardiomyopathic heart remodeling and its surgical ventricular restoration, theory of ECG and vector cardiogram with medical applications, and heart rate variability signal processing to detect cardiac arrhythmias.

In the heart chamber, we witness the amazing intricate intra-ventricular flow patterns. Then, we study pressure pulse wave propagation into the aorta, determination of pulse wave velocity and arterial elasticity as a measure of arteriosclerosis. We climb into the mountainous coronary terrain and look at the fascinating scenery of coronary flows and myocardial perfusion that governs cardiac contractility. Finally, we arrive at coronary bypass grafting and witness the new sequential anastomosis design for enhanced patency.

Table of Contents

LEFT VENTRICULAR WALL STRESS, CARDIAC CONTRACTILITY, CARDIOMYOPATHIC HEART REMODELING, ACTIVE WALL STRESS AND SYSTOLIC PRESSURE GENERATION, VECTOR CARDIOGRAM CHARACTERISTICS, WITH APPLICATIONS IN CARDIOLOGY: Left Ventricular Wall Stress Compendium. Cardiac Function Assessment in Filling and Systolic Phases: Passive and Active Elastances of the Left Ventricle. Novel Cardiac Contractility Index and Ventricular-Arterial Matching Index to Serve as Markers of Heart Failure. Cardiomyopathy Effect on Left Ventricular Function and Contractility and Improvement after Surgical Ventricular Restoration. Cardiac Contractility Measures for Left Ventricular Functional Assessment in Normal and Diseased Hearts. Analysis for Left Ventricular Pressure Increase during LV Isovolumic Contraction Phase due to Active Stresses in the Myocardial Fibers. Myocardial Infarct-Induced Left Ventricular Shape Remodeling and its Surgical Ventricular Restoration. Vector Cardiogram Theory and Clinical Application.

ECG SIGNAL ANALYSIS AND LEFT VENTRICULAR PUMPING (INTRA-VENTRICULAR, AORTIC AND CORONARY FLOW) CHARACTERISTICS, CORONARY BYPASS SURGERY DESIGN, WITH APPLICATIONS IN CARDIOLOGY AND CARDIAC SURGERY: ECG Waveform Analysis and Heart Rate Variability Signal Analysis to Detect Cardiac Arrhythmias. Left Ventricular Blood Pump Analysis and Outcome: Intra-LV Flow and Pressure Distributions before and after Nitroglycerin Administration, to Determine Cardiac Contractility Outcome and Candidacy for Coronary Bypass Surgery. Cardiac Perfusion Analysis and Quantification: Cardiac Perfusion by Nuclear Cardiac Imaging and Computation of Intra-Myocardial Blood Flow Velocity and Pressure Patterns. Determination of Arterial Pulse Wave Propagation Velocity and Arterial Properties. Simulation of Blood Flow in Idealized and Patient-Specific Coronary Arteries with Curvatures, Stenoses, Dilatations, and Side-Branches. Intra-Left Ventricular Diastolic and Systolic Flow Velocity Dis

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Dhanjoo N. Ghista, PhD, University 2020 Foundation, Massachusetts, USA