1st Edition

Cardiovascular Complications of Liver Disease

By Arieh Bomzon, Laurence M. Blendis Copyright 1990

    This state-of-the-art book concentrates in one volume our current knowledge on the cardiovascular complications of liver disease. This easy-to-read work provides a better understanding of the pathogenesis and consequences of portal hypertension and establishes a physiological basis for its pharmacological treatment. It examines the effect of liver disease on volume regulation, the activity of the sympathetic nervous system, and the processes involved in capillary fluid exchange. It includes a discussion on volume and sodium regulation, as well as atrial natriuretic peptide. It also covers the effects of different classes of drugs such as alcohol, sympathomimetics, diuretics, and hormones on the cardiovascular system in liver disease. This reference manual is an absolute must for all clinicians and researchers with an interest in the cardiovascular system in liver disease.

    The Cardiovascular Complications of Cirrhosis-A History. Animal Models of Liver Disease. The Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone System in Liver Disease. Autonomic Nervous Function in Liver Disease. The Heart in Liver Disease. The Pulmonary Circulation in Liver Disease. Renal Circulation and Pathogenesis of Functional Renal Failure in Cirrhosis. Hepatic Circulation in Cirrhosis. Splanchnic Hemodynamics in Acute and Chronic Portal Hypertension. Vascular Reactivity in Liver Disease. Oxygen Transport and Consumption in Cirrhosis. The Cerebral Circulation in Liver Failure. Deranged Volume Homeostasis in Liver Disease. Effects of Jaundice on Body Fluid Volume. ANF and Its Role in Sodium Retention in Cirrhosis. Alcohol-Induced Increase in Portal Blood Flow-Mechanism, Interaction with Anesthetics, and Clinical Implications. Effects of Vasoactive Drugs on the Systemic and Splanchnic Circulation. Drugs Acting on the Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone System. Vasopressin and Somatostatin-Hemodynamic Effects, Efficacy and Complications in the Treatment of Acute Variceal Bleeding. Conclusions. Index.


    Bomzon\, Arieh; Blendis\, Laurence M.

    "...an excellent reference text on the systemic manifestations of portal hypertension and its underlying pathophysiology...we recommend this book to fellows and clinicians interested in the mechanisms of the many complications of liver disease. For researchers in this field, or those considering entering the field, this book is mandatory. "