192 Pages 195 Color Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    192 Pages 195 Color Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    A host of imaging techniques are available to clinical cardiologists, including nuclear imaging, echocardiography, computerized tomography, and magnetic-resonance imaging. Chamber size, ventricular function, valvular function, coronary anatomy, and myocardial perfusion are among a wide array of cardiac characteristics that can all be assessed noninvasively.

    Cardiovascular Imaging systematically reviews each of these major techniques and provides clinical data from well-designed research studies. Following a brief overview of non-invasive cardiac imaging and the stress modalities used to detect coronary disease, case-based chapters are devoted to each of the various imaging techniques. The final chapter provides a glimpse of future possibilities, particularly with respect to molecular imaging. The text is illustrated throughout with amply-sized images.

    Demonstrating the values and limitations of the imaging techniques, the book enables practitioners to determine which test, in which patient population, and for which purpose would be the most appropriate to use.

    An Overview of the Assessment of Cardiovascular Disease by Noninvasive Cardiac Imaging Techniques; Frans J. Th. Wackers, Robert L. McNamara, and Yi-Hwa Liu
    Cardiac Computerized Tomography and Angiography; Richard T. George, Albert C. Lardo, and Joao A. C. Lima
    Nuclear Cardiac Imaging; Raymond R. Russell, III, James A. Arrighi, and Yi-Hwa Liu
    Echocardiographic Imaging; Robert L. McNamara, Farid Jadbabaie, and Kathleen Stergiopoulos
    Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging; André Schmidt and Joao A. C. Lima
    Future Prospects of Cardiovascular Imaging; Albert J. Sinusas


    Yi-Hwa Liu, Frans Wackers

    Well written, concise, easy to read and flows in an easy to understand manner...expertly written, well referenced chapters which include very useful clinical data from well designed research studies...A well written basic imaging textbook that is informative for the healthcare practitioner trainee and the imaging specialist.
    —Fay Ahmad, Echo, June 2010

    Well written...The evidence used to support each modality is up to date...the 18 cases covering cardiac radionuclide imaging are particularly good...Overall it is nicely written and provides a sound text for the inexperienced reader looking to expand his/her knowledge.
    —James Stirrup, British Journal of Hospital Medicine, July 2010

    Concise and easy to read with well referenced chapters, perfect for a radiology / cardiology trainee, or other health care practitioner with interest in this subject. Its strength lies in the fact that it covers all non-invasive cardiovascular imaging modalities with a streamlined approach...Well written and presented...Images are generally of good quality…a well written basic cardiovascular imaging book that is informative in both its text and in the clinical cases illustrated.
    —Dr. Nicke Screaton and Dr. Caroline McCann, Cardiology News, April 2011