1st Edition

Care Ethics New Theories and Applications

Edited By Christine Koggel, Joan Orme Copyright 2013
    256 Pages
    by Routledge

    256 Pages
    by Routledge

    The ethic of care has developed to become a body of theory that has expanded from its roots in social psychology to many other disciplines in the social sciences as well as the humanities. This work on care has informed both theory and practice by generating complex accounts of care ethics for multiple and intersecting kinds of relationships, and for a variety of domains and contexts. Its application now extends from the moral to the political realm, from personal to public relationships, from the local to the global, from feminine to feminist virtues and values, and from issues of gender to issues of power and oppression.

    The developments in the theories and applications of care ethics over the past few decades make this book an appropriate and timely publication. It includes chapters by authors who are developing or expanding theories of care ethics and also by those who work on applying and extending insights from care ethics to practices and policies in personal and institutional settings. Care Ethics provides readers from different disciplines and professional groups with a substantial number of new theories and applications from both new and established authors.

    This book was originally published as two special issues of Ethics and Social Welfare.

    1. Introduction Christine M. Koggel and Joan Orme

    Part I: New Theories and Contemporary Issues

    2. Can the Ethics of Care Handle Violence? Virginia Held

    3. After Liberalism in World Politics? Towards an International Political Theory of Care Fiona Robinson

    4. Cosmopolitan Care Sarah Clark Miller

    5. Creating Caring Institutions: Politics, Plurality, and Purpose Joan C. Tronto

    6. Interweaving Caring and Economics in the Context of Place: Experiences of Northern and Rural Women Caregivers Heather Peters, Jo-Anne Fiske, Dawn Hemingway, Anita Vaillancourt, Christina McLennan, Barb Keith and Anne Burrill

    7. Gratitude and Caring Labor Amy Mullin

    8. The Productivity of Care: Contextualizing Care in Situated Interaction and Shedding Light on its Latent Purposes Alessandro Pratesi

    Part II: New Applications in Contemporary Contexts

    9. The Individual in Social Care: The Ethics of Care and the ‘Personalisation Agenda’ in Services for Older People in England Liz Lloyd

    10. A Comparative Analysis of Personalisation: Balancing an Ethic of Care with User Empowerment Kirstein Rummery

    11. Abandoning Care? A Critical Perspective on Personalisation from an Ethic of Care Marian Barnes

    12. Care Ethics and Carers with Learning Disabilities: A Challenge to Dependence and Paternalism Nicki Ward

    13. Care Ethics in Residential Child Care: A Different Voice Laura Steckley and Mark Smith

    14. Care as Regulated and Care in the Obdurate World of Intimate Relations: Foster Care Divided? Andrew Pithouse and Alyson Rees

    15. An Ethic of Care in Nursing: Past, Present and Future Considerations Martin Woods

    16. Ethics and the Street-level Bureaucrat: Implementing Policy to Protect Elders from Abuse Angie Ash

    17. Crossing the Divide between Theory and Practice: Research and an Ethic of Care Lizzie Ward and Beatrice Gahagan

    18. That Others Matter: The Moral Achievement - Care Ethics and Citizenship in Practice with People with Dementia Tula Brannelly

    19. The Daily Grind of the Forgotten Heroines: Experiences of HIV/AIDS Informal Caregivers in Botswana Odireleng Jankey and Tirelo Modie-Moroka


    Christine M. Koggel is Harvey Wexler Chair in Philosophy, Departmental Chair and Majors Advisor, and Co-Director of the Center for International Studies at Bryn Mawr College, USA.

    Joan Orme is Emeritus Professor of Social Work at the Glasgow School of Social Work, Scotland, UK.