1st Edition

Care-Giving in Dementia Volume 1: Research and Applications

Edited By Gemma M. M. Jones, Bere M. L. Miesen Copyright 1992

    A practical book for practical people,Care-Giving in Dementia integrates neurobiological information about dementia with specific developments in care-giving. Multi-disciplinary and multi-professional in its approach, it emphasizes the variety of techniques that can be used effectively in caring for persons with dementia.

    List of figures and tables List of contributors Foreword James Birren 1. Introduction Gemma Jones Part I Models and Theories 2. Clinicopathologic correlations and the brain-behaviour relationships in alzheimer's disease Thomas Arendt and Gemma Jones 3. Learning and memory in demented patients Jereon Raaijmakers and Marja Abbenhuis 4. Attachment theory and dementia Bere Miesen 5. Reminiscing disorientation theory Gemma Jones and Alistair Burns 6. A communication model for dementia Gemma Jones 7. A nursing model for the care of the elderly Gemma Jones Part II Interventions for persons with dementia in care facilities 8. What can be learned from studies on reality orientation? Bob Woods 9. Reminiscence and life review with persons with dementia: which way forward? Bob Woods, Sara Portnoy, Donna Head and Gemma Jones 10. Music Therapy in the management of dementia Ruth Bright 11. Dynamic psychotherapy with elderly demented populations Carol Houseman 12. Validation therapy with late-onset dementia populations Naomi Feil 13. An evaluation of an occupational therapy service for persons with dementia Cathy Conroy Part III Interventions for persons with demential in the community 14. The anticipation of memory loss and dementia in old age Eena Job 15. Memory training for older adults Forrest Scogin 16. The structured life-review process: a community approach to the aging client Barbara Haight 17. Community care services for the elderly mentally infirm Chris Gilleard 18. Day care and dementia Han Diesfeldt 19. The COPA project as a model for the management of early dementia in the community Sarah Saunders, Kathyrn Graham, Margaret Flower and Marilyn White-Campbell Part IV Interventions for family 20. Caring for a demented family member at home: Objective observation and objective evaluation of the burden Mia Duijnstee 21. Expressed emotion and coping techniques amongst carers of the dementing family Janice Whittick 22. Families and the institutionalized elderly Carolyn Rosenthal and Pam Dawson 23. A carer's group for families of patients with dementia Pearl Hettiaratchy and Jill Manthorpe Part V Summary 24. The need for an interdisciplinary core curriculum for professionals working with dementia Gemma Jones and Bere Miesen 25. Care-giving in dementia: review and perspectives Bere Miesen Name index Subject index


    Gemma Jones is a neuropsychologist and nurse at the Section of Old-Age Psychiatry, Institute of Psychiatry, London; Bere Miesen is a clinical psychogerontologist at the Psychogeriatric Center 'Marienhaven', Warmond, The Netherlands.

    `... one of the few `state of the art' books on the methods of caring for people with dementia currently available ... merits a wide multidisciplinary readership. ... Would recommend its inclusion in any departmental library of Psychology, Social Work, Nursing, or Medicine and Allied Professions, and expect it to be continuously on loan.' - British Journal of Social Work

    `... a valuable publication which deserves a wide audience; it brings enthusiasm to and engenders optimism in an area of work that has until recently been viewed as rather `second class'.' - International Social Work

    `An exciting review of strategies and methods to utilize in service to persons with dementia. Whether used professionally or personally, the techniques and information provided in it will be very helpful.' - Journal of Applied Rehabilitation Counselling

    `Well worth a look ... chapters of particular interest to nurses include readily applicable models of care.' - Nursing Times

    `An immediately accessible text for all those participating in the care of people with dementia.' - Journal of Advanced Nursing

    `This challenging new book, well-written and courageously edited, takes the reader through a series of topical, instructive and thoughtful essays.' - - Dr Ivor Felstein, Therapy Weekly