1st Edition

Career Counseling for Women

Edited By W. Bruce Walsh, Samuel H. Osipow Copyright 1993
    404 Pages
    by Routledge

    Social trends over the past 25 years strongly indicate the significance of occupational pursuits in the plans and lives of women. In the future, most women will work outside the home and this work will play an increasingly important role in their lives. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (1989) estimates that by the year 2000, the labor force is expected to grow 18% -- an increase of 21 million workers. It is also estimated that women and minorities will account for a large percentage of that growth. A significant question that needs to be asked is how will counselors help women prepare for making career choices in the future? The models, strategies, methods and information on career counseling described and elaborated in this volume may help to show the way.

    Devoted to presenting important advances and new information in the field of career counseling for women, this book focuses primarily on identifying, reporting, and evaluating significant applied developments in the field -- counseling theories, concepts, and techniques utilized in career planning and decision making for women. It is an ideal collection for counselors, counseling and industrial psychologists, management scientists focusing on career counseling, and sociologists specializing in women and work.

    Contents: W.B. Walsh, S.H. Osipow, Introduction: Career Counseling for Women. N.E. Betz, Basic Issues and Concepts in Career Counseling for Women. G. Hackett, S.D. Lonborg, Career Assessment and Counseling for Women. L. Brooks, L. Forrest, Feminism and Career Counseling. L.A. Gilbert, M. Hallett, N.S. Eldridge, Gender and Dual-Career Families: Implications and Applications for the Career Counseling of Women. R.P. Bingham, C.M. Ward, Career Counseling With Ethnic Minority Women. B. Kerr, S.E. Maresh, Career Counseling for Gifted Women. N.E. Betz, Career Counseling for Women in the Sciences and Engineering. J.E.A. Russell, Career Counseling for Women in Management. L.F. Fitzgerald, J. Rounds, Women and Work: Theory Encounters Reality. L.W. Harmon, N.M. Meara, Contemporary Developments in Women's Career Counseling: Themes of the Past, Puzzles for the Future.


    W. Bruce Walsh, Samuel H. Osipow

    "...provides a compilation of exceptionally well-researched and well-written chapters by strong leaders in the field, demonstrating the scope of the needed changes and emphasizing the strength and creativity of the field of vocational psychology....an excellent choice for either courses related to vocational theory and research or ones that are more applied, such as practica in career counseling....
    "All in all, I found this text to be written with clarity and rigor. The chapters are well researched and comprehensive. The individual authors are the clearest and strongest thinking individuals of our field on a range of critical issues and together they demonstrate the kind of thinking needed to bring career counseling into the 21st century."

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