Keeping up with new developments in vocational psychology is important to both psychological practitioners and researchers. This volume is devoted to presenting and evaluating important advances in the field of career decision making, development, and maturity. More specifically, it identifies, reports, and evaluates significant contemporary developments in vocational psychology and provides both professional workers and students with an informed understanding of the progress taking place in the field. The history and theory of the assessment of career development and decison making are explored as well as advances in career planning systems. An expanded context for the study and evaluation of career development variables is also described.

    Contents: S.D. Phillips, N.J. Pazienza, History and Theory of the Assessment of Career Development and Decision Making. R.B. Slaney, The Assessment of Career Decision Making. N.E. Betz, The Assessment of Career Development and Maturity. K.M. Taylor, Advances in Career-Planning Systems. H.E.A. Tinsley, D.J. Tinsley, An Expanded Context for the Study of Career Decision Making, Development, and Maturity.


    Edited by Walsh, W. Bruce; Osipow, Samuel H.

    "The stimulating insight on current applications for professionals, theoretical information and careful prediction of future trends make this book a worthwhile addition to a professional's library."
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