1st Edition

Career Development A Life-span Developmental Approach

    This book places career development into the mainstream of human development research and theory. The result is a powerful synthesis of vocational psychology and the most recent advances in lifespan developmental psychology, thus offering a developmental-contextual framework for guiding theory and research in career development. Its chapters demonstrate the utility of this framework for the study of women's career development, health and careers, career intervention, and the selection and application of appropriate research methodologies. Scholars as well as intervention specialists should find this volume to be of great value. The adaption of this developmental-contextual framework for career development theory, research, and intervention may represent an important future for vocational psychology and the study of career development.

    Contents: Vocational Behavior and Career Development: An Introduction. The Concept of Development. The Context of Career Development. A Life-Span Developmental Approach to Career Development. Career Development: The Sample Case of Adolescence. Toward a Methodological Agenda for the Study of Vocational Behavior and Career Development. The Career Development of Women. Career Development and Health. Intervention in Vocational Behavior and Career Development.


    Fred W. Vondracek, Richard M. Lerner, John E. Schulenberg

    "...an excellent primer on the developmental concepts that are promising for enriching scholarly understanding of work behavior....deserves attention because of its richness of conceptualizing and methodological insights."
    Contemporary Psychology