1st Edition

Careers in One Health Social Workers’ Roles in Caring for Humans and Their Animal Companions

Edited By Lori R. Kogan Copyright 2024
    266 Pages
    by Routledge

    266 Pages
    by Routledge

    Social workers play a critical role in the wellbeing of communities – trained to help individuals, families, and groups effect positive change and address barriers that stand in the way of optimal life and wellbeing. In addition to a focus on people, many social workers include animals in their definition of systems and family units, leading to endless ways they have successfully incorporated animals into their work.

    This book offers insights from pioneers as well as practitioners in the field who have created their niche within this growing area. Coming from the philosophy that we cannot work towards what we do not know exists, this book offers knowledge, pathways, and advice from those who have succeeded in including their love for animals into their careers, shining a light on the path for those who share similar passions.

    The book can be used as a supplemental textbook in undergraduate and graduate social work academic programs as well as a resource for social workers in the field looking for ways to expand their work.

    Section One – Veterinary Social Work

    Chapter One – The interprofessional practice space of veterinary social work- a social worker’s perspective
    Elizabeth Strand

    Chapter Two – Embedded social work in a school of veterinary medicine
    Page Walker Buck

    Chapter Three – The cherished pets model of veterinary social work
    Judy Wookey and Alicia Kennedy

    Chapter Four - Veterinary social work journey
    Erin Allen

    Chapter Five – Kaleidoscope of a veterinary social worker
    Jacquelyn Rebekah James

    Chapter Six – Grief led me here
    Michelle Mezansky

    Chapter Seven – Veterinary social work: becoming the best version of your professional self
    Lisa Hacker

    Chapter Eight – Hospital-based veterinary social work: a brief primer
    Judith Harbour

    Chapter Nine – Partnering with therapy animal handler volunteers in healthcare: an introduction to volunteer management for social workers
    Whitney Romine

    Chapter Ten – My journey from human medicine to veterinary medicine
    Robin Lehrhoff

    Chapter Eleven – A horse of a different color
    Tom Favale

    Section Two – Human Animal Interactions focused Program Development and Policy Advocacy

    Chapter Twelve – Programs & Policies
    Susan P. Cohen and Anne-Elizabeth Straub

    Chapter Thirteen – Policy advocacy and program evaluation: the external link of practice work in one health
    Bailey Fullwiler

    Chapter Fourteen – "Puffy’s Pet Boarding" – a second home for your dog
    Rachel Nallathamby

    Chapter Fifteen – Addressing the link between violence toward people and animals as a generalist social worker
    Kathryn Ford

    Chapter Sixteen – Chasing Impact: take that leap of faith
    Urvashi Shobhna Kachari

    Chapter Seventeen – Sprout: companion animal to service dog to career inspiration
    Kristen Cudmore

    Chapter Eighteen - On canines, conflicts & community: reflections on one health
    Rajlakshmi Kanjilal

    Chapter Nineteen – Equine-assisted social work: a perfect match
    Dana Spett

    Section Three – Animal Assisted Interventions

    Chapter Twenty – The power of paws: working full-time in animal-assisted interactions
    Katherine Compitus

    Chapter Twenty-one – Animal assisted psychotherapy: integrating "canine co-therapists" into clinical social work outpatient treatment settings
    Laurel Gray Robbins

    Chapter Twenty-two – Animal assisted therapy in clinical work within the disability community
    Tiffany Banks

    Chapter Twenty-three – Paws in play: the power of integrating animals into play therapy practice
    Michelle Pliske

    Chapter Twenty-four – "The world is best viewed through the ears of a horse" My career in equine assisted services
    Mary Acri

    Chapter Twenty-five – Paws for play: dogs in play therapy
    Lucy Llewellyn

    Chapter Twenty-six – Finding your HAI niche
    April Lang

    Chapter Twenty-seven – Bear is my bridge
    Janus Moncur

    Chapter Twenty-eight – Pandemic pups: research and clinical implications
    Jessica Wriedt

    Chapter Twenty-nine – Shelter pets and sheltered kids: animal assisted therapy in juvenile justice
    Stacy L. Mendell

    Chapter Thirty – When psychology and social work meet: a clinician’s experiences in the mental health field
    Emily Breitenbach

    Chapter Thirty-one – Animal-assisted psychotherapy: the golden standard
    Elizabeth Ruegg

    Section Four – The Inclusion of Human-Animal Interactions within Social Work Practice

    Chapter Thirty-two – HAI in social work practice
    Janet Hoy-gerlach and Lisa Townsend

    Chapter Thirty-three – Dare to dream
    Angie Arora

    Chapter Thirty-four – The integrated approach: one social worker’s roundabout career journey incorporating veterinary social work and one health
    Christina Carr

    Chapter Thirty-five – Careers in one health: social workersʼ roles in caring for humans and their companion animals
    Lizett Justa Gutierrez

    Chapter Thirty-six – Animals are my teachers
    Maureen MacNamara

    Chapter Thirty-seven – A social work path to teaching in higher education
    Kristie Abbs

    Chapter Thirty-eight – Providing effective supervision for veterinary social workers in practice
    Rebecca Stephens and Tracey Harris

    Chapter Thirty-nine – Social work outside the box
    Emilie Evans

    Chapter Forty – Advocacy and pawprints: how a dog changed my career
    Amber Depuydt-Goodlock

    Chapter Forty-one – True joy: animal assisted play therapy
    Jacqueline George

    Chapter Forty-two – A one health path to support health and wellbeing
    Debbie Stoewen

    Chapter Forty-three – Weaving humane education into social work
    Maggie Lantzy and Sarah M. Bexell

    Section Five – Human Animal Interactions Focus within Human and Animal Organizations

    Chapter Forty-four – Emerging practices in animal welfare
    Doug Plant

    Chapter Forty-five – Lessons from horses led my career
    Aviva Vincent

    Chapter Forty-six – A Social Worker’s Learnings from the Human Animal Bond: Animals as Family, Healers and Colleagues
    Dillon Dodson

    Chapter Forty-seven – Elevating the lives of animals and our relationships with them
    Molly Jenkins

    Chapter Forty-eight – The best way to help pets is to help people
    Elina Alterman

    Chapter Forty-nine – Centering racialized lived experiences for human and animal well-being
    Mueni Rudd

    Chapter Fifty – Unexpected implementation of AAI in crisis work
    Denna Hays

    Chapter Fifty-one – Law enforcement, social work & therapy dogs
    Angela Kenbok

    Chapter Fifty-two – Police social work: partnering with animals to help heal communities
    Alyssa Peters

    Chapter Fifty-three – Serving people and animals: a worthy career
    Christine Kim

    Chapter Fifty-four – Social workers’ roles in caring for humans and their companion animals
    Adeline Wong

    Chapter Fifty-five – Animal assisted therapy in an Israeli psychiatric hospital
    Patricia Tiram

    Section Six – Human Animal Interactions Focus within Academia

    Chapter Fifty-six – Finding professional and personal meaning through human-animal interaction academic research
    Jen Currin-McCulloch

    Chapter Fifty-seven – The professor and "the pit bull lady"
    Yvonne Smith

    Chapter Fifty-eight – How I became the "dog person" at work
    Ashley O’Connor

    Chapter Fifty-nine – Social workers’ roles in creating inclusive communities for all animals – human and non-human
    Jedediah Bragg

    Chapter Sixty – Designing a diverse social work career
    Meghan Morrissey

    Chapter Sixty-one – Human-animal-environment interactions in social work at the University of Denver
    Jaci Gandenberger and Nina Ekholm Fry

    Chapter Sixty-two – Supreme dogs, dream jobs
    Yvonne Eaton-Stull

    Chapter Sixty-three – How I got here
    Kayla Baudoin

    Chapter Sixty-four – Paw and hoofprints on my career path
    Angela Lavery

    Chapter Sixty-five – Critical animal studies and one health in social work
    Atsuko Matsuoka

    Chapter Sixty-six – Hospital veterinary social work in the Canadian context
    Sarah Bernardi

    Chapter Sixty-seven – Bringing veterinary social work into a one-health model
    Augusta O'Reilly

    Chapter Sixty-eight – Social work and human-animal interaction in an academic setting
    Lisa Townsend


    Lori R. Kogan, PhD, is a professor of Clinical Sciences at Colorado State University. She is the chair of the Human-Animal Interaction section of the American Psychological Association and Editor-in-Chief of the Human-Animal Interaction journal, an open-access, online publication published by CABI. She has published numerous journal articles and books including Pet Loss, Grief, and Therapeutic Interventions: Practitioners Navigating the Human-Animal Bond, and Clinician's Guide to Treating Companion Animal Issues: Addressing Human-Animal Interaction. She is currently engaged in research pertaining to the intersection of the human-animal interaction and veterinary medicine.