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1st Edition

Caribbean Crime and Criminal Justice Impacts of Post-colonialism and Gender

Edited By Katharina Joosen, Corin Bailey Copyright 2018
    ISBN 9780367227593
    362 Pages 17 B/W Illustrations
    Published February 4, 2019 by Routledge

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    ISBN 9781138223776
    362 Pages 17 B/W Illustrations
    Published October 3, 2017 by Routledge

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    362 Pages 17 B/W Illustrations
    Published September 22, 2017 by Routledge

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    Despite high crime rates among men in the Caribbean, rising rates of violence against women in the region, and a significant number of Caribbean nationals incarcerated abroad due to drug smuggling, existing research has yet to offer explanations that are tailored to the unique Caribbean societies and the individuals in them.

    This edited volume adds to the existing body of scientific, empirical and theoretical work on crime (victimization), and criminal justice in the Caribbean, with a specific focus on impacts of post-colonialism and gender. To investigate these impacts on a developing Caribbean criminology, the contributions in this volume focus on how impacts of post-colonialism, associated racial stereotypes, and/or gender throughout the Caribbean impact on (a) types of offending, (b) victimization, and (c) criminal justice system responses and policies.

    Bringing together a broad range of experts, this book sheds light on key criminological topics in the Caribbean, including victimization, risk factors for offending, subcultures of violence and particularly gendered violence, and the role of motherhood within matrifocal societies. It is essential reading for those engaged with Caribbean - or decolonial - Criminology and those engaged with comparative and international studies in crime and justice more generally.

    Introduction (Corin Bailey)

    Section A: Historical perspectives

    1. Reframing criminalized resistance strategies of female slaves in the Dutch Caribbean and Suriname during the era of colonialism (Aspha Bijnaar, Karin Lurvink and Katharina J. Joosen)

    2. Honour, gender, and violence in the Dutch Caribbean and Suriname (Janine Janssen)

    Section B: Crime and victimization

    3. Prevalence of public fraud and corruption in the Dutch Caribbean: Impacts of (post)colonialism explored (P.C.M. (Nelly) Schotborgh – van de Ven)

    4. Ethnicity and crime victimization in Trinidad and Tobago (Randy Seepersad and Scot Wortley)

    5. Child domestic slavery in Haiti (Benedetta Faedi Duramy)

    6. The language of partner violence in the Caribbean: A decolonial feminist analysis (Halimah A.F. DeShong)

    7. Participatory action research: Identifying and addressing sexual violence in St. Lucia (Rebecca Hayes, Christina DeJong, Souyenne Dathorne and Velika Lawrence)

    Section C: Causes and risk factors for offending

    8. The influence of gender on social capital resources and youth problem behaviour outcomes in Trinidad and Tobago (Alvinelle Matthew)

    9. Trouble in paradise? Pathways to prison among Caribbean women incarcerated in the Netherlands (Katharina J. Joosen)

    10. Constructing crime in Antigua: Perceptions of structural explanations of crime in post-colonial era (Janeille Z. Matthews)

    11. Psychosis and crime among Caribbean migrants: A social defeat perspective (David J. Vinkers)

    12. Crime, identity, and community: A post-colonial analysis on Kingston, Jamaica (Nicola D. Satchell)

    Section D: Criminal justice systems and policies

    13. Perceptions of familial responsibility as a practical constraint in judicial decision-making: Focal concerns and gender bias in sentencing on the island of Barbados (Corin Bailey)

    14. Intellectual disability among male prisoners in Bonaire: Translating and validating psychological and intellectual diagnostic tools in the local Creole language (Micha van de Vorst)

    15. Crime control and punishment in Dominica: Perspectives of community leaders and offenders (Kyra Paul)

    16. Migrant sex working or sex trafficking? Reflections on "trafficking in women": A Caribbean post-colonial perspective (Joan Phillips)

    17. Discussion (Katharina J. Joosen)



    Katharina J. Joosen is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the NSCR, the Netherlands. She has coordinated the project Caribbean Women & Crime on pathways to offending among Dutch Caribbean women for which data has been collected in the Netherlands, Curacao and Aruba.

    Corin Bailey is a Senior Research Fellow at the Sir Arthur Lewis Institute of Social and Economic Studies on the UWI, Cave Hill Campus, Barbados. He has been working on issues related to crime and violence in the Caribbean for approximately 13 years.

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