1st Edition

Caribbean Ethncty Revisited 4#

By Stephen D. Glazier Copyright 1985

    This collection of papers by a number of eminent anthropologists explores the patterns of ethnicity in the Caribbean. A valuable contribution to current literature in the field, these papers greatly increase our understanding of Caribbean societies. The variety of theoretical approaches to the processes that shaped Caribbean ethnic relations make this work a fascinating and vital study of the region as a whole.

    Caribbean Ethnicity Revisited: Editor’s Introduction, Ethnicity in the Spanish Caribbean: Notes on the Consolidation of Creole Identity in Cuba and, Puerto Rico, 1762-1868; Race and Ethnicity in the United States Virgin Islands, To Be or Not to Be Chinese: Differential Expressions of Chinese Culture and Solidarity in the British West Indies, Ethnic Participation in Orange Walk Economic Development, The Caribs of Dominica: Prospects for Structural, Assimilation of a Territorial Minority, Discussion: New Ethnicity, New Horizons, Epilogue: The Meanings of Ethnicity in the Caribbean


    Stephen D. Glazier