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Caricatures and Cartoons, 1931-1940: A History of the World (3-vol. ES set)

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    This is the fourth and final series of a collection of caricatures and cartoons published in newspapers and journals worldwide during the period from the end of the nineteenth century to pre-second world war. Covering the years 1931-40, this three-volume collection features more than 3,200 caricatures and cartoons from nearly 380 newspapers and journals of 35 countries, including China, India, Japan and other non-western regions as well as the UK, US and Europe.

    The 1930s was particularly turbulent with depression in business and economics across the world, the growth of fascism in politics in the West and the military aggression of Japan in the East. The cartoons and caricatures collected here vividly describe incidents during this period such as the Sino-Japanese War, the Japanese withdrawal from the League of Nations and the Berlin Olympic games and also cover the decline of the British Empire, the Nazi seizure of power and communism in the USSR, to provide a unique visual resource for students and scholars interested in the history of this turbulent period.

    Vol. 1: Introduction by Yorimitsu Hashimoto

    Caricatures and Cartoons from The Review of Reviews, 1931 ― 1933

    Vol. 2: Caricatures and Cartoons from The Review of Reviews, 1934 ― 1936

    Vol. 3: Caricatures and Cartoons from The Review of Reviews, 1937 ― 1940


    Yorimitsu Hashimoto, Graduate School of Letters, Osaka University