2nd Edition

Caring for Muslim Patients

By Aziz Sheikh, A R Gatrad Copyright 2008

    This unique and comprehensive book is an authoritative guide to dermatological conditions for black populations in Africa. As well as being an essential reference for all doctors, healthcare and voluntary workers in Africa, it is of interest throughout the world, given the increase in presentation of such conditions everywhere as a result of intercontinental travel. Conditions are described in a consistent format for ease of use. The book contains over six hundred clear colour pictures of dermatological cases to greatly assist the recognition, diagnosis and treatment of both common and rare skin conditions.

    Muslims in the West: demographic and socio-economic position. The Muslim grand narrative. Health and disease: an Islamic framework. Principles of Islamic bioethics. The family: predicament and promise. Birth customs: meaning and significance. Managing the fasting patient: sacred ritual, modern challenges. Hajj: journey of a lifetime. Death and bereavement: an exploration and a meditation. Conclusions: breaking barriers, building bridges.


    Aziz Sheikh (University of Edinburgh Professor of Primary Care Research and Development and Director of Research, Allergy and Respiratory Research Group, Centre for Population Health Sciences, The University of Edinburgh, UK University of Edinburgh) (Edited by) ,  Abdul Rashid Gatrad (Edited by)