2nd Edition

Caring for the Seriously Ill Patient 2E

Edited By Michael Macintosh, Tracey Moore Copyright 2011

    As more critically ill patients are cared for on acute general wards rather than in ICUs, many nurses are having to cope with the particular problems of very sick patients without the specialist knowledge of an ICU trained nurse. This book considers the key issues surrounding the critical patient's care in the acute general hospital. The anatomy and physiology of each body system is explored, looking at the major associated conditions and illnesses and how the patient is assessed and monitored.

    Cardiovascular Assessment and Management
    Mike Macintosh
    Supporting Respiration
    Tracey Moore and Catharine Thomas
    Caring For the Renal System
    Robert Donald
    Neurological Assessment and Management
    Catherine Waterhouse
    Infection Control and Sepsis
    Mick Ashman
    A Cute Care and Management of Diabetes
    Paul Sainsbury
    Mike Macintosh
    Acute Pain
    Mike Macintosh and Derek Darling
    The Patient and Family: Support and Decision-Making
    Nicola Morton and Sue Nelson
    Systems of Care
    Tracey Moore


    Michael Macintosh, Tracey Moore