1st Edition

Case Studies and Case-Based Learning Inquiry and Authentic Learning That Encourages 21st-Century Skills

By Todd Stanley Copyright 2019
    168 Pages
    by Prufrock Press

    Case Studies and Case-Based Learning brings authentic, real-world learning to the classroom and:

    INTRODUCTION PART I: WHY CASE STUDIES AND CASE-BASED LEARNING? CHAPTER 1: What Is Case-Based Learning? CHAPTER 2: Advantages of Case-Based Learning CHAPTER 3: How Is Case-Based Learning Authentic? PART II: PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER CHAPTER 4: How to Write Your Own Case CHAPTER 5: Purposefully Teaching Collaboration CHAPTER 6: Managing the Case-Based Learning Classroom PART III: CASE STUDIES IN THE CONTENT AREAS CHAPTER 7: Case Studies in Mathematics CHAPTER 8: Case Studies in Language Arts CHAPTER 9: Case Studies in Science CHAPTER 10: Case Studies in Social Studies CONCLUSION REFERENCES ABOUT THE AUTHOR


    Todd Stanley is author of seven teacher education books including Project-Based Learning for Gifted Students: A Handbook for the 21st-Century Classroom and Performance-Based Assessment for 21st-Century Skills.

    The way that the case-based studies are presented makes for a more real world experience for students. This is one of those books that should be found in a good middle or high school media canter for use by all educators.,Lewie Dunn,Georgia Military College, 9/30/19