2nd Edition

Case Studies in Disaster Response and Emergency Management

By Nicolas A. Valcik, Paul E. Tracy Copyright 2017

    Designed to enable practitioners and students to evaluate a variety of real-life emergencies from every angle, this new edition of Case Studies in Disaster Response and Emergency Management provides clear, thorough, step-by-step descriptions of more than 50 major disasters or emergencies. Arranged chronologically, the case studies involve incidents from around the globe, with topics including natural disasters, industrial accidents, epidemics, and terrorist attacks. A series of questions throughout each case study encourages the reader to think critically about the problem at hand, to select a course of action, and to then see the results of the decisions that were made.  This hands-on approach invites practitioners and students to apply learned theoretical emergency management techniques in a safe test environment.

    Case Studies in Disaster Response and Emergency Management, 2e provides readers with the most modern and current case studies in disaster response and emergency management and can be used in group project settings, as individual homework assignments in training courses for first responders, law enforcement, and government employees, or to complement existing emergency management textbooks in Public Administration, Public Management, and Public Affairs programs. 

    Foreword by Allen Barnes

    Foreword by Ted Benavides

    Foreword by Mark Hall-Patton


    Chapter One: Guidelines and General Information for Public Officials and Administrators

    Section 1: Natural Disasters

    Chapter Two: Case Studies: Disasters from Natural Forces – Fires

    Chapter Three: Disasters from Natural Causes – Hurricanes

    Chapter Four: Case Studies: Disasters from Natural Forces – Floods

    Chapter Five: Case Studies: Disasters from Natural Forces – Tornadoes

    Chapter Six: Disasters from Natural Forces – Earthquakes and Volcanoes

    Chapter Seven: Disasters from Natural Sources – Other Weather, Animal, and Viral Phenomena

    Section 2: Man-Made Disasters

    Chapter Eight: Man-Made Disasters – Industrial Accidents

    Chapter Nine: Case Studies: Man-Made Disasters – Transportation Accidents

    Chapter Ten: Case Studies: Man-Made Disasters – Structural Failure

    Section 3: Terrorism and Criminal Acts

    Chapter Eleven: Disasters from Criminal or Terrorist Acts – Bombings and Explosives

    Chapter Twelve: Case Studies: Disasters from Criminal or Terrorist Acts – Shootings and Riots

    Chapter Thirteen: Disasters from Criminal or Terrorist Acts: Biological and Chemical Attacks

    Section 4: Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Disasters

    Chapter Fourteen: Case Studies: Man-Made Disasters – Nuclear, Biotoxins, or Chemicals

    Section 5: Disasters Occurring in Museums, Libraries and Archives

    Chapter Fifteen: Case Studies: Disasters Occurring at Museums, Libraries and Archives

    Section 6: Final Thoughts

    Chapter Sixteen: Conclusion



    Nicolas A. Valcik is Director of Institutional Research at West Virginia University, USA and is author of several books including Practical Human Resources for Public Managers (2011), Hazardous Materials Compliance for Public Research Organizations (2013), Non-Profit Organizations: Real Issues for Public Administrators (2015), and Strategic Planning and Decision-Making for Public and Non-Profit Organizations (2016).

    Paul E. Tracy is Professor and Doctoral Program Coordinator in the Criminology and Justice Studies program at University of Massachusetts, Lowell, USA.