1st Edition

Case Studies in Neuropsychology of Reading

Edited By

Elaine Funnell

ISBN 9780863775598
Published August 22, 2002 by Psychology Press
160 Pages

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Book Description

Each chapter represents a personal account of a reading disorder through which details of the features of the disorder, methods used for testing, and theoretical accounts are illustrated. Controversies are explained, theories evaluated and anomalies pointed out.
From this emerges a picture of the central properties of each disorder and the contribution of each to our understanding of the reading system as a whole. However, the picture is not complete: loose threads tantalise, some findings are hard to explain, and some newly controversial theories are put forward. The intention is to provide information that will help to equip the reader with the knowledge and expertise necessary to take the study of these reading disorders forward.

Table of Contents

E. Funnell, Introduction. Stimuli as the Key to Reading Processes. Models of Reading. Reading Errors. Types of Dyslexia and Reading Errors. References. E.M. Saffran, H. Branch Coslett, Pure Alexia: The Case of JG. Case History. Evidence for Implicit Reading. Discussion. References. E. Funnell, Deep Dyslexia. Introduction. A Classic Case of Deep Dyslexia: GR. A Theoretical Account of GR's Oral Reading. A Synthesis of Further Studies. Concreteness. Imageability, and the Grammatical Word-class Effect. Concreteness/Imageability and Reading Errors. Explaining the Concreteness/Imageability Effect. Connectionist Models of Deep Dyslexia. The Right Hemisphere Hypothesis for Deep Dyslexia. Single-word Naming and Nominal Referene. K. Patterson, Phonological Dyslexia: The Case of the Singing Detective. Introduction. Case Report. Experimental Investigations. Conclusions. References. A.W. Ellis, M.A. Lambon Ralph, J. Morris, A. Hunter, Surface Dyslexia: Description, Treatment and Interpretation. Introduction. The Classic Symptoms of Surface Dyslexia. Classic Explanations of Surface Dyslexia. Damaging the Model. Case Report. Therapy Study. Connectionism, Surface Dyslexia, and the "Triangle Model". Sub-types Within the Triangle Model? The Triangle Model: Golden or Bermuda. Acknowledgments. References. J. Masterson, Developmental Surface Dyslexia. An Introduction to CD. Early Investigation of Acquired Surface Dyslexia. Surface Dyslexia as a Developmental Disorder of Reading. Investigations of CD's Reading and Spelling. Objections to Comparisons of Acquired and Developmental Surface Dyslexia. Further Cases of Developmental Surface Dyslexia. Developmental Surface Dyslexia in Languages Other than English. Studies of Adult Developmental Surface Dyslexics. The Sub-grouping Study of Castles and Coltheart (1993). Remediation Studies with Developmental Surface Dyslexics. Conclusions and Indications for Future Research. References. Author Index. Subject Index.

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