1st Edition

Case Studies in the Neuropsychology of Memory

Edited By Alan J. Parkin Copyright 1997
    224 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    The study of memory disorders is typically associated with investigations of the amnesic syndrome. There are, however, however, a wide range of other memory disorders following brain damage and these are becoming increasingly important. In this volume, which is newly available in paperback, experts in the field present a series of individual case histories, each illustrating a particular dimension of memory impairment. In addition, case studies of rehabilitation, including a unique autobiographica study are included. Collectively the book enables the reader to become familiar with important developments in the study of memory disorders and, in particular, indicates the diverse methodologies now employed in this important area of neuropsychological reseach.

    A.R. Mayes, D. Montaldi, Neuroradiological Approaches to the Study of Organic Amnesia. N. Kapur, Autobiographical Amnesia and Temporal Lobe Pathology. N.M. Hunkin, Focal Retrograde Amnesia: Implications for the Organisation of Memory. K. Graham, J.T. Becker, K. Patterson, J.R. Hodges, Lost for Words: A Case of Primary Progressive Aphasia? J.R. Hanley, A.D.M. Davies, Impaired Recall and Preserved Recognition. A. J. Parkin, The Long and Winding Road: Twelve Years of Frontal Amnesia. P.J. McKenna, K. Laws, Schizophrenic Amnesia. K.M. Leafhead, M.D. Kopelman, Face Memory Impairment in the Cotard Delusion. B. Wilson, J.C., E. Hughes, Coping with Amnesia: The Natural History of a Compensatory Memory System. E. Squires, N.M. Hunkin, A.J. Parkin, Take Note: Using Errorless Learning to Promote Memory Notebook Training.


    Parkin, Alan J.

    Ranging, as it does, from studies of focal retrograde amnesia studies to cognitive neuropsychiatry via neuroimaging research, the book is broad without being shallow, and it provides the reader with a valuable insight into new research directions as well as extant findings. - Jonathan K. Foster, University of Manchester