1st Edition

Case Study Research in Applied Linguistics

By Patricia Duff, Patricia Duff Copyright 2008
    ISBN 9780805823592
    244 Pages
    Published October 4, 2007 by Routledge

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    ISBN 9780805823585
    244 Pages
    Published October 1, 2007 by Routledge

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    Case studies of individual language learners are a valuable means of illustrating issues connected with learning, using, and in some cases, losing another language. Yet, even though increasing numbers of graduate students and scholars conduct research using case studies or mix quantitative and qualitative methods, there are no dedicated applied linguistics research methods texts that guide one through the case study process. This book fills that gap.

    The volume provides an overview of case study methodology and examples of published case studies in applied linguistics, without attempting to be a comprehensive survey of the innumerable case studies that exist. The case studies presented here involve teachers and learners of English and various other languages in North America and other parts of the world. Advice is also given about how to conduct and publish case studies.

    Case Study Research in Applied Linguistics is designed for students, both undergraduate and graduate, as well as other scholars seeking to understand case study methods and their applications in research on language learners and language users in a variety of contexts. Applied linguists working in other subfields will find the volume useful in their own research and in their supervision and evaluation of others' case studies.

    Contents: Preface. Case Study Research in Applied Linguistics. Defining, Describing, and Defending Case Study Research. Examples of Case Studies in Applied Linguistics. How to Conduct and Evaluate Case Studies (Part 1). How to Conduct and Evaluate Case Studies (Part 2). Writing the Case Study Report.


    Patricia Duff is a Professor in the Dpt of Language and Literacy Education at the University of British Columbia.  Her research interests include applied linguistics and sociolinguistics, second language acquisition (functional analysis), language socialization in multilingual settings, rearch methods (classroom research, case study, ethnography, discource analysis, task-based reserch), issues in the teaching and learning of English and other international languages, integration of ESL students in high school, university, and society, multilingualism and work, sociocultural and sociocultural and sociopolitical aspects of language(s) in education.

    "This book makes for truly engaging and interesting reading! It is packed with useful analyses, examples, and discussions of the methodologies and epistemologies surrounding case study research. The wealth of diverse illustrations from the SLA literature also makes it a very important resource for graduate students. I hope many applied linguistics programs take advantage of this excellent textbook and begin offering courses on case study methodology!"  - Lourdes Ortega, University of Hawai'i

    "The book can serve as an effective resource for qualitative research professors in their preparation of course modules as well as for graduate students and more experienced researchers in the field of applied linguistics...Duff has been able to both offer a balance of conceptual and practical guidance and skillfully engage with different levels of inquiry (epistemology, ontology and methodology) throughout the book."  - Marzieh Tafaghodtari, University of Ottawa


    "...this volume is a welcome addition to the AL research community, and both beginning and seasoned AL researchers will find it useful."

    - Modern Language Journal, 2009

     "...this thoroughly researched and excellently written volume has the potential to advance the field of Applied Linguistics."

    - Johannes Eckerth, 2008


    "Case studies are a widely-used research method in applied linguistics today, notably in the context of second language learning, teaching and use. For anyone not acquainted with this qualitative approach, Duff’s book serves as an excellent introduction to its distinctive attributes, the associated theoretical issues and to the practicalities of conducting, evaluating and presenting case study research."

    - Australian Review of Applied Linguistics, 2008

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