1st Edition

Casino and Gaming Resort Investigations

By Derk J. Boss, Alan W. Zajic Copyright 2020
    284 Pages
    by Routledge

    284 Pages
    by Routledge

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    Casino and Gaming Resort Investigations addresses the continued and growing need for gaming security professionals to properly and successfully investigate the increasing and unique types of crime they will face in their careers. As the gaming industry has grown, so has the need for competent and highly skilled investigators who must be prepared to manage a case of employee theft one day to a sophisticated sports book scam the next.

    This book provides the reader with the fundamental knowledge needed to understand how each gaming and non-gaming department functions and interacts within the overall gaming resort, allowing the investigator to determine and focus on the important elements of any investigation in any area. Each chapter delivers a background of a department or type of crime normally seen in the gaming environment, and then discusses what should be considered important or even critical for the investigator to know or determine in the course of the investigation. Likely scenarios, case histories, and tips, as well as cautions for investigators to be aware of, are used throughout the book.

    This book was written for and directed at gaming security and surveillance professionals, including gaming regulators, and tribal gaming authorities, who are almost daily confronted by the ingenious and the most common scams, theft, and frauds that are perpetrated in the gaming world.


    Chapter 1 - The Art of Investigations

    Chapter 2 - Field Investigations

    Chapter 3 – Marketing Considerations and Investigations

    Chapter 4 – Objective and Impartial Investigations

    Chapter 5 – Understanding the Scope of the Investigation

    Chapter 6 – Starting the Investigation

    Chapter 7 – Written Reports

    Chapter 8 – Interviews

    Chapter 9 – Ethics in Investigations

    Chapter 10 – Prosecution

    Chapter 11 – Jurisdictions, Regulations and Gaming Environments

    Chapter 12 – Investigations and Liability

    Non-Gaming Investigations

    Chapter 13 – Hotel Investigations

    Chapter 14 - Food and Beverage Investigations

    Chapter 15 – Claim Investigations

    Chapter 16 – Vehicle Accidents and Auto Theft

    Chapter 17 – Post Investigation Best Practices

    Gaming Investigations

    Chapter 18 - Investigative Concepts

    Chapter 19 - Covert Surveillance Investigations

    Chapter 20 - Employee Theft and Fraud

    Chapter 21 - Outside Agents and Collusion

    Chapter 22 - Gaming Investigations

    Chapter 23 - Cage

    Chapter 24 - Slots

    Chapter 25 - Table Games

    Chapter 26 - Player’s Club

    Chapter 27 - Marketing Scams

    Chapter 28 - Keno and Bingo

    Chapter 29 - Race and Sports Book

    Chapter 30 - Night Clubs and Party Pools





    • IOU Patrol
    • Tri-Shot Coverage
    • Audits and Close Watches
    • Common Tells of Cheating and Theft
    • Video Review and Investigation (IACSP White Paper)


    Derk J. Boss is a gaming surveillance, security and loss prevention specialist. He has served in executive positions in security, surveillance and compliance capacities for American Casino and Entertainment Properties, Grand Casinos, Bally’s, Aztar, Del E. Web, Corp., Palms, Tropicana Entertainment and MGM Resorts.

    Alan W. Zajic is a Nevada licensed, Board Certified, independent security consultant specializing in gaming and nightclub environments. He has over forty years of practical hands-on experience in security and surveillance operations including Security Director for the Sahara Tahoe and High Sierra resorts in Lake Tahoe as well as corporate security for Del E. Web, Corp. in Nevada.