1st Edition

Cataloger, Editor, and Scholar Essays in Honor of Ruth C. Carter

Edited By Robert P Holley Copyright 2007
    440 Pages
    by Routledge

    Leading figures pay tribute to an expert in the field

    Honoring the work of Ruth C. Carter upon her retirement as editor of Cataloging & Classification Quarterly, Cataloger, Editor, and Scholar is a unique collection that features 21 articles from experts in the field. Celebrating Dr. Carter’s dedication to technical services, cataloging, history, and management, these essays recall all the important aspects of her life and career. The important compendium also includes an interview with Dr. Carter and a review of Cataloging & Classification Quarterly (CCQ) during her 20 years at its helm.

    In four parts, this wide-ranging collection includes articles that not only span the length and breadth of Dr. Carter’s professional career, but also present new contributions to the field. The first section of Cataloger, Editor, and Scholar considers Dr. Carter’s personal history and direct influence on CCQ as well as what she sees as key issues in cataloging at the beginning of the 21st century. The studies in part two take an international look at cataloging and bibliographic history while new research in the field is presented in part three. Finally, part four offers papers that consider current trends as well as possible directions for the emerging digital future.

    Chapters in Cataloger, Editor, and Scholar include:

    • a commemorative biographical sketch of Ruth Carter
    • an interview where she discusses her career as a librarian, archivist, historian, and long-time editor
    • a comprehensive review of the contents of Cataloging & Classification Quarterly from 1990-2006
    • an analysis of the availability of books and reading materials in Monroe County, Indiana, through 1850
    • annotation as a lost art in cataloging early twentieth-century British libraries
    • twenty-five years of bibliographic control research at the University of Bradford
    • the Italian cataloging tradition and its relationships with the international tradition
    • technical services and tenure impediments and strategies
    • the “works” phenomenon and best selling books
    • measuring typographical errors’ impact on retrieval in bibliographic databases
    • meeting the needs of special format catalogers
    • copy cataloging for print and video monographs in academic libraries
    • balancing principles, practice, and pragmatics in a changing digital environment
    • the development of knowledge structures on the Internet
    • and may more!
    A unique compilation of the many issues that appeared in CCQ during Dr. Carter’s 20-year tenure, Cataloger, Editor, and Scholar is an informative resource for librarians, LTS professionals, catalogers, students, educators, and researchers.

    • Introduction
    • The Story of Ruth: The Life and Contributions of Ruth C. Carter (Kathryn Luther Henderson)
    • An Interview with Ruth Carter (Ruth Carter and Linda C. Ewbank)
    • Cataloging & Classification Quarterly, 1990-2006 (Sandra K. Roe, Rebecca Culbertson, and Laurel Jizba)
    • In Honor of Ruth C. Carter (Sheila S. Intner)
    • Books and Other Reading Materials in Early Monroe County, Indiana (Martin D. Joachim)
    • Annotation: A Lost Art in Cataloguing (J. H. Bowman)
    • Twenty-five Years of Bibliographic Control Research at the University of Bradford (F. H. Ayres and J. M. Ridley)
    • International Cataloguing Tradition and Italian Rules: Common Ground and Specific Features (Carlo Bianchini and Mauro Guerrini)
    • Technical Services and Tenure Impediments and Strategies (Janet Swann Hill)
    • The “Works” Phenomenon and Best Selling Books (Richard P. Smiraglia)
    • Measuring Typographical Errors’ Impact on Retrieval in Bibliographic Databases (Jeffrey Beall and Karen Kafadar)
    • Error Rates in Monograph Copy Cataloging Bibliographic Records Before and After Outsourcing at the University of Saskatchewan Library (Vinh-The Lam)
    • Meeting the Needs of Special Format Catalogers: Ideas for Professional Organizations, Library Schools, and Professional Catalogers (Robert L. Bothmann)
    • Copy Cataloging for Print and Video Monographs in Two Academic Libraries: A Case Study of Editing Required for Accuracy and Completeness (Carolynne Myall and Sydney Chambers)
    • Are Technical Services Topics Underrepresented in the Contributed Papers at the ACRL National Conferences? (Robert P. Holley)
    • Quo Vadis Cataloging? (Elizabeth N. Steinhagen, Mary Ellen Hanson, and Sharon A. Moynahan)
    • Principia Bibliographica? Balancing Principles, Practice, and Pragmatics in a Changing Digital Environment (Dick R. Miller)
    • Cataloging Compared to Descriptive Bibliography, Abstracting and Indexing Services, and Metadata (Martha M. Yee)
    • Knowledge Structures and the Internet: Progress and Prospects (Nancy J. Williamson)
    • Numbers to Identify Entities (ISADNs—International Standard Authority Data Numbers) (Barbara B. Tillett)
    • When You Come to a Fork in the Road, Pick It Up: A Case Study in Managing by Self-Responsibility (Lyn Condron)
    • Index
    • Reference Notes Included


    Robert P Holley