Catalysis of Organic Reactions  book cover
1st Edition

Catalysis of Organic Reactions

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ISBN 9780824772635
Published July 12, 1985 by CRC Press
416 Pages

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Book Description

This book provides a complete updating of important developments in the study of catalysis as it applies to organic synthesis — with applications in major industrial processes. It covers a broad variety of catalytic processes — both homogeneous and heterogeneous.

Table of Contents

Part I: Homogeneous Catalysis 1. Mechanism and Stereochemistry of Asymmetric Catalytic Hydrogénation 2. Asymmetric Hydroformylation Via Polymer-Supported Chiral Catalysts 3. Selective CH and CC Bond Activation in Alkanes by Transition Metal Complexes 4. Catalytic Methods for the Synthesis of Cyclopropanes 5. The Interactions of Quinoiine and Tetrahydroquinoline with Catalysts. Modeling Heterogeneous Catalysts with Homogeneous Catalysts Part II: H2-Co Reactions 6. Methanol Synthesis over Supported Palladium Catalysts 7. Supported Metal Cluster Catalysts for Synthesis Gas Conversion 8. CO Hydrogenation on Alkali-Promoted Nickel Catalysts 9. 1,4-Butanediol Via Rhodium Carbonyl-Catalyzed Hydroformylation of Allyl Alcohol and Allyl t-Butyl Ether Part III: Heterogeneous Catalysis 10. Single Crystals as Model Catalysts 11. Asymmetric Sites on Heterogeneous Catalysts 12. Organoactinide Complexes on Alumina 13. Solvated Metal Atom Dispersed (SMAD) Catalysts Highly Active Bimetallic Systems 14. Amphora Catalysts Part IV: Catalytic Oxidation 15. Industrial Uses of Catalytic Oxidation and the Direct Oxidation of Olefins to Glycols 16. Mechanistic Studies of the Selective Oxygen Oxidation of Sulfides to Sulfoxides Catalyzed by Dihalo Ruthenium(II) Complexes 17. Asymmetric Epoxidation 18. C-C Double Bond Cleavage by Molecular Oxygen 19. Oxidation of Hydrocarbons by Methane-Utilizing Bacteria Part V: Selected Topics 20. Phenol Hydrogénation Process 21. Preparation of Nitriles by Catalyzed Dehydration of Carboxamides and Aldoximes 22. Aminomethylation of Diene Polymers: Novel Route to Polyamines

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