1st Edition

Catalysis of Organic Reactions

Edited By John R. Kosak Copyright 1993

    This work presents a compilation of technical papers and poster synopses delivered at the 14th Conference on Catalysis of Organic Reactions. The book investigates current developments in the study of catalysis as it relates to organic synthesis, detailing industrial applications. It suggests cost-effective routes for the synthesis of valuable industrial and pharmaceutical chemicals.

    "Kinetic Approach to the Catalytic Hydrogenation of Nitroaliphatic Compounds, V. Dubois, G. Jannes, J. L. Dallons, and A. Van Gysel New Route to m-Aminophenol, Stephen E. Jacobson A New and Improved Synthesis of N-Butyl-1-Deoxynojirimycin, Mike G. Scaros, Michael L. Prunier, Rick J. Rutter, Peter K. Yonan, Roy Grabner, and Bryan Landis Homogeneous Asymmetric Catalysis as an Important Tool for the Production of Fine Chemicals and Pharmaceutical Products, A. S. C. Chan, S. A. Laneman, R. E. Miller, J. H. Wagenknecht, and J. P. Coleman The Use of a Fischer-Porter Apparatus for Chiral Homogeneous Catalytic Hydrogenation, Louis S. Seif, Daniel A. Dickman, Donald B. Konopacki, and Bryan S. Macri Application of Symmetric Catalysis to the Synthesis of Peptide Mimics, John T. Talley, Cathleen E. Hanau, Gary A. DeCrescenzo, and Michelle A. Schmidt Catalytic Amination of Alcohols and Its Potential for the Synthesis of Amines, Alfons Baiker High Selectivities in Hydrogenation of Halogenonitrobenzenes on Pd, Pt, or Raney Nickel as Catalysts, Georges Cordier, Jean Michel Grosselin, and Rose Marie Bailliard Solid-Acid-Catalyzed o-Tolidine Alkylation: Scope, Limitations, and Product Utility, Kevin R. Lassila, Michael E. Ford, Susan M. Clift, Jeremiah P. Casey, and Paula L. McDaniel Comparative Catalytic Hydrogenation Reactions of Aliphatic Dinitriles over Raney Nickel Catalysts, Marc Joucla, Philippe Marion, Pierre Grenouillet, and Jean Jenck Hydrogenation of Nitrosobenzene over Palladium Catalysts, Gerard V. Smith, Ruozhi Song, Marian Gasior, and Russell E. Malz, Jr. Past, Present, and Future of Catalytic Oxidation of Hydrocarbons, Jerzy Haber Oxidation of Glucose on Palladium Catalysts: Particle Size and Support Effects, M. Besson, P. Gallezot, F. Lahmer, G. FlEche, and P. Fuertes A Method for the Preparation of Pyromellitic Acid from Durene via Liquid Phase Oxidation, Walt Partenheimer Surface Chemistry and Engineering of HCN Synthesis, L. D. Schmidt and D. A. Hickman New Technology for Olefin Oxidation to Carbonyls Using a Palladium and Polyoxoanion Catalyst System, John H. Grate, David R. Hamm, and Suresh Mahajan Side Reactions in Reductive Alkylation of Aromatic Amines with Aldehydes and with Ketones, Harold Greenfield A Frontier Molecular Orbital Determination of the Active Sites on Dispersed Metal Catalysts, Robert L. Augustine and Konstantinos M. Lahanas Hydrogenations and Other Reactions on Titanium Mixed Metal Oxides, Gether Irick and Patricia N. Mercer Methacrylate Esters via the Homogeneous Carbonylation of 2-Bromopropene, Robert A. DeVries, Robert T. Klun, John W. Hull, Jr., and Kim A. Felty Production of Phenols from Haloaromatics in the Presence of Copper-Exchanged Zeolites: Synthesis of the Catalyst and Mechanistic Study, G. Perot, Y. Pouilloux, M. Guisnet, and M. Gubelmann Polymer-Bound Dialkylaminopyridine Catalysts: Synthesis and Applications, James G. Keay and Eric F. V. Scriven Metal Incorporation into Copper Aluminum Borates: Catalyst Structure and Catalytic Role in Dehydrogenation and Dehydrocyclization, Larry C. Satek and Patrick E. McMahon Amidation of Methyl Esters with Formamides in the Presence of KCN as the Catalyst, A. Benderly, L. Y. Dennis, and A. Bravo New Titanium Silicate Molecular Sieves: Properties and Catalysis, M. Deeba, C. F. Keweshan, G. S. Koermer, S. M. Kuznicki, and R. S. Madon Transvinylation Catalysts for the Production of Higher Vinylic Esters of Vinyl Acetate, F. J. Waller Protecting the Ozone Layer: Catalytic Synthesis of CFC Alternatives, Leo E. Manzer The Tertiary Organometallic Reagent Promoted Reductive Coupling of Aryl Halides, Thomas A. Puckette Catalysis of Organic Reactions by Inorganic Solids, Pierre Laszlo Preparation of Pharmaceutical Intermediates Using Zeolite Catalysis: Preparation of 4-Methylthiazole with ZSM-5, F. P. Gortsema, B. Beshty, J. J. Friedman, D. Matsumoto, J. J. Sharkey, G. Wildman, T. J. Blacklock, and S. H. Pan Hydrocarbon Fragmentation Patterns on Rhodium Surfaces, Shane L. Anderson, Dinesh Kalakkad, and Abhaya K. Datye Catalytic Cracking of Organic Amides: A Key Step in the Production of a New Specialty Polymer, G. E. Parris and J. N. Armor Production of Low-Cost Aliphatic Isocyanates, P. L. Brusky, J. H. Kyung, and R. A. Grimm Catalytic Oxidation of Secondary Alcohols, Robert L. Augustine and Lisa K. Doyle Synthesis of Bisaniline A and Derivatives with Perfluorinated Sulfonic Acid Resins, Michael E. Ford and Mark D. Conner Effect of Water on the Oxidation of 2-Butanone over V2O5, Ismat Jahan and H. H. Kung H2-Hydrogenation of Nitriles Catalyzed by Ruthenium Ditertiaryphosphine Complexes, Ajey M. Joshi, Kenneth S. MacFarlane, Brian R. James, and Piero Frediani Enhancement of CO Hydrogenation Activity of Pt Catalysts by CeO2 and TiO2 Supports, Dinesh Kalakkad and Abhaya K. Datye Hydrocarbon Conversion Reactions overt he Pt-Re Bimetallic Catalysts Modified by Sulfur, Changmin Kim and Gabor A. Somorjai Activation of Esters for Hydrogenolysis on Copper Titanias, Yeong-Jen Kuo, Patricia N. Mercer, and Gether Irick The Direct Conversion of Vinyl to Ethylidyne, Z. M. Liu, X. L. Zhou, D. A. Buchanan, J. Kiss, and J. M. White Hydrocarbon Probes for the Study of Acidity on Oxide Surfaces, C. R. Narayanan, S. Srinivasan, and Abhaya K. Datye Synthesis of (+)-Apopinene by Decarbonylation of (+)-Myrtenal: Application of the Mechanisms of Hydrogenation and Decarbonylation, Gerard V. Smith and Ruozhi Song New Hydrogenation Apparatus, Robert L. Augustine, Setrak K. Tanielyan, and Glenn Wolosh A Pd-Sn Catalyst for Toluene Acetoxylation, Setrak K. Tanielyan and Robert L. Augustine Characterization of Sulfided Platinum and Palladium Catalysts, D. S. Thakur, B. D. Roberts, T. J. Sullivan, G. T. White, N. Brungard, E. Waterman, and M. Lobur Selective Hydrogenation of Unsaturated Aldehydes over Silica- and Zeolite-Supported Metals, Akshay Waghray, Rachid Oukaci, and Donna G. Blackmond "


    John R. Kosak is a Research Associate at E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Company, Wilmington, Delaware. The holder of numerous patents, author or coauthor of several professional publications on catalytic hydrogenation and thermal analysis applications, and the editor of a volume also entitled Catalysis of Organic Reactions (Marcel Dekker, Inc.), Dr. Kosak is a member of the American Chemical Society, the Organic Reactions Catalysis Society, the Catalysis Society and the Catalysis Club of Philadelphia. He received the B.S. (1951) and M.S. (1952) degrees in chemistry from the University of Delaware, Newark, and the Ph.D. degree (1957) in organic chemistry from Michigan State University, East Lansing. Thomas A. Johnson is Principal Research Associate at Air Products and Chemicals, Inc., Allentown, Pennsylvania. The holder of numerous U.S. patents, Dr. Johnson is the author or coauthor of professional papers on the catalytic amination of alcohols over phosphate and supported metal catalysts, the catalytic amination of olefins over zeolites, modeling slurry hydrogenation, and the preparation of polyethyleneamines over phosphate catalysts. He is Cochair of the Organic Reactions Catalysis Society and a member of the Catalysis Society, the Catalysis Club of Philadelphia, and the American Chemical Society. Dr. Johnson received the B.S. degree (1959) in chemistry from Lawrence University, Appleton, Wisconsin, and the Ph.D. degree (1962) in organic chemistry from the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis.