2nd Edition

Catalyst Handbook

Edited By Martyn V. Twigg Copyright 1989

    This book bridges the gap between theory and practice. It provides fundamental information on heterogeneous catalysis and the practicalities of the catalysts and processes used in producing ammonia, hydrogen and methanol via hydrocarbon steam reforming. It also covers the oxidation reactions in making formaldehyde from methanol, nitric acid from ammonia and sulphuric acid from sulphur dioxide. Designed for use in the chemical industry and by those in teaching, research and the study of industrial catalysts and catalytic processes. Students will also find this book extremely useful for obtaining practical information not available in more conventional textbooks.

    Preface, 1 Fundamental Principles. 2 Process Design, Rating and Performance. 3 Handling and Using Catalysts in the Plant. 4. Feedstock Purification. 5 Steam Reforming. 6 The Water-gas Shift Reaction. 7 Methanation. 8 Ammonia Synthesis. 9 Methanol Synthesis. 10 Catalytic Oxidations. Appendices.


    Martyn V. Twigg, Johnson Matthey Plc, Orchard Laboratories, Orchard Road, Royston, UK (retired)