1st Edition

Catalyst Preparation
Science and Engineering

ISBN 9780849370885
Published December 26, 2006 by CRC Press
488 Pages - 210 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Improving the effectiveness of catalysts is the best way to ensure cleaner, more efficient industrial processes for a wide range of applications. Catalyst Preparation: Science and Engineering explores the optimization of catalytic materials through traditional and novel methods of catalyst preparation, characterization, and monitoring on laboratory and industrial scales.

The book presents many key principles of heterogeneous catalyst preparation and the methods used to synthesize a catalyst with a particular composition and morphology. The first chapters examine the synthesis of bulk materials including amorphous and mesoporous oxide supports, heteropolyacids, and colloidal metals. Subsequent chapters focus on the syntheses of heterogeneous nanoscale materials, including those based on metal complex–substrate interactions and those using non-interacting precursors via viscous drying. The final chapters concentrate on pretreatment, drying, and finishing effects before concluding with a prognosis on future applications involving catalyst preparation and the technological advances necessary for continued progress.

An ideal companion for scientists exploring the preparation of application-specific catalysts based on desired catalytic properties, Catalyst Preparation: Science and Engineering provides a balanced overview of important synthesis parameters to consider for good catalyst design.

Table of Contents

Flame Hydrolysis for Oxide Supports; D. Kerner
Amine-Assisted Synthesis of Aluminum Oxide; A.I. Kozlov, M.C. Kung, W.M. Xue, H.H. Kung, and S.Yuan
Aerogel Synthesis; G.M. Pajonk
Fine-Tuning the Functionalization of Mesoporous Silica; H.T. Chen, S. Huh, and V.S.Y. Lin
The Environmentally Friendly Synthesis of Heteropolyacids; G.M. Valle, S.R. Matkovic, L.A. Gambaro, and L.E. Briand
Synthesis of Metal Colloids; R. Richards
Microwave-Assisted Synthesis of Nanolayer Carbides and Nitrides; J. Bender, J. Dunn, and K. Brezinsky
Sol-Gel Synthesis of Supported Metals; B. Heinrichs, S. Lambert, N. Job, and J.P. Pirard
Synthesis of Supported Metal Catalysts by Dendrimer-Metal Precursors; D.S. Deutsch, C.T. Williams, and M.D. Amiridis
Synthesis of Oxide- and Zeolite-Supported Catalysts from Organometallic Precursors; B.C. Gates
Supported Metal Oxides and the Surface Density Metric; W.V. Knowles, M.O. Nutt, and M.S. Wong
Solid-State Ion-Exchange of Zeolites; G.L. Price
Strong Electrostatic Adsorption of Metals onto Catalyst Supports; J.R. Regalbuto
Deposition-Precipitation Syntheses of Supported Metal Catalysts; C. Louis
Production of Supported Catalysts by Impregnation and (Viscous) Drying; J.W. Geus
Drying of Supported Catalysts; A. Lekhal, B.J. Glasser, and J.G. Khinast
The Effects of Finishing and Operating Conditions on Pt Supported Catalysts During CO Oxidation; E.E. Wolf
Catalysts for New Uses: Needed Preparation Advances; B. Delmon

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John Regalbuto


“Eighteen contributions from international researchers explore the optimization of catalytic materials. Both traditional and new methods of catalyst preparation, characterization, and monitoring are discussed. Early chapters are devoted to the synthesis of bulk materials, while those that follow focus on heterogeneous nanoscale materials. …   ”
— In Book News Inc., June 2007