1st Edition

Catching Readers Before They Fall Supporting Readers Who Struggle, K-4

By Pat Johnson, Katie Keier Copyright 2010

    Every teacher of reading plays a vital role in helping to catch those readers for whom learning to read does not come easily. Through examples from both adults and children, the authors explain and describe the complex integrated network of strategies that go on in the minds of proficient readersstrategies that struggling readers have to learn in order to construct their own reading processes. This book is essential reading for all who work with struggling readers in any context and contains a wealth of resources, including a thorough explanation of all the sources of information readers use to solve words, examples and scenarios of teacher/student interactions, prompts to use with struggling readers, lessons on modeling, and assessment guidelines.

    Chapter 1: Expanding Our Paradigm of Reading; Chapter 2: How Reading Works; Chapter 3: Vygotsky Takes a Seat in Our Classrooms; Chapter 4: Beyond “Sound It Out”; Chapter 5: A Comprehensive Literacy Framework; Chapter 6: Interactive Read-Aloud: Talking Our Way Through Texts; Chapter 7: I Thought I Knew How to Teach Reading, but Whoa!; Chapter 8: Comprehension: The Bottom Line; Chapter 9: Spotlight on Inferring and Summarizing; Chapter 10: Assessment: Looking Closely at Readers; Chapter 11: Sharing Information with Families; Chapter 12: Teachers Make the Difference


    Pat Johnson has supported both students and teachers as an elementary reading teacher for twenty-five years. Most of her career has been spent in schools with diverse populations in Fairfax County, Virginia. She is a Reading Recovery–trained teacher and has served as an adjunct faculty member for George Mason University. Presently, as a literacy consultant, Pat provides staff development for various school districts nationwide and has presented at state and national conferences. She is the author of One Child at a Time: Making the Most of Your Time with Struggling Readers, K–6 (Stenhouse, 2006). Katie Keier, a first-grade teacher at Bailey’s Elementary School in Fairfax County, Virginia, has been teaching children in grades 1–8 for eighteen years. A National Board Certified Teacher, Katie has a Reading Specialist certificate and a master’s degree in Literacy Studies. She has also participated in Literacy Collaborative for the past three years. She has presented at numerous literacy conferences and specializes in early literacy instruction.