2nd Edition

Catheter-Related Infections

Edited By Harald Seifert, Bernd Jansen, Barry Farr Copyright 2004

    This updated reference describes the latest and most effective strategies in the diagnosis, management, and treatment of catheter-related infections (CRIs). The guide describes the pathogenesis of infectious complications while discussing procedures in infection control, catheter and catheter-site care, and patient monitoring and evaluation. This new edition updates the original material and provides new chapters on infections related to urinary catheters and the epidemiology and impact of these infections. Catheter-Related Infections, Second Edition serves as a practical evidence-based reference for detailed guidance on the prevention of catheter-related infections.

    Basic Principles; Epidemiology and Impact of Catheter-Related Infections D. Pittet; Pathogenesis of Vascular Catheter-Related Infections R. Sherertz; The Role of Biofilm in the Pathogenesis of Catheter-Related Infections Peter Kite; Management of Catheter-Related Infections L. Mermel and B. Farr; Infections Due to Specific Pathogens; Catheter-Related Stapylococcus aureus Infection B. Farr; Catheter-Related Infections Caused by Coagulase-Negative Staphylococci M. Hermann and G. Peters; Catheter-Related Infections Due to Gramnegative Bacilli H. Seifert; Fungal Infections of Catheters S. Wey and A. Colombo; Infections Associated with Specific Catheter Types; Central Venous Catheters A. Widmer; Peripheral Venous Catheters G. Mayhall; Infectious Complications of Swan-Ganz Pulmonary Artery and Peripheral Arterial Catheters L. Mermel and D. Maki; Long-Term Central Venous I. Raad and H. Safar.


    Harald Seifert, University of Cologne. Bernd Jansen, Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz, Germany. Barry M Farr.

    "…The text is clear and readable, with helpful figures and tables. The documentation is extensive and as current as can be expected."
    "…a timely addition to the literature [that] provides a needed, valuable and topical review of knowledge about intravascular catheter-related sepsis."
    Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy

    "…a solid and useful contribution to this important field….It will fit nicely into office or department libraries."