1st Edition

Catholics and Violence in the Nineteenth-Century Global World

Edited By Eveline Bouwers Copyright 2024
    374 Pages 6 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This book analyzes violence involving Catholics in the nineteenth-century world – revealing the motives for violence, showing the link between religious and secular grievances, and illuminating Catholic pluralism.

    Catholics and Violence in the Nineteenth-Century Global World is the first study to systematically analyze the link between faith and violent action in modern history. Focusing on incidents involving members of the Roman Catholic Church across the globe, the book offers a kaleidoscopic overview of situations in which physical or symbolic violence attended inner-Catholic, Catholic-secular, and interreligious conflicts. Focusing especially on the role of agency, the authors explore the motives behind, perceptions of, and legitimation strategies for religion-related violence, as well as evaluating debates about conflict and discussing the role of religious leadership in violent incidents. Additionally, they illuminate the complex ways in which religious grievances interacted with secular differences and highlight the plurality of Catholic standpoints. In doing so, the book brings to light the variety of ways in which religion and violence have interacted historically.

    Showing that the link between faith and violence was more nuanced than theoreticians of ‘religious violence’ suggest, the book will appeal to historians, social scientists, and religious scholars.


    Violence and the Negotiation of Difference: Nineteenth-Century Catholic Encounters with the Religious and Secular Other

    Eveline G. Bouwers

    Part 1: Rejecting Secularization

    Chapter 1

    Religion and Violence during the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars: Between Tradition and Modernity

    Philip Dwyer

    Chapter 2

    "To Be Consumed in Suffering for His Love": Violence, Religion, and Counterrevolution in Restoration Spain

    Mary Vincent

    Chapter 3

    Anti-Liberal Violence in Belgium: Catholics in Defiance of State Legislation, 1857–1884

    Eveline G. Bouwers

    Part 2: Contending Clericalism

    Chapter 4

    Collective Violence and the Religious Politicization of Peasants on the Habsburg Periphery: Rabatz and Antisemitic Riots in West Galicia, 1846–1898

    Tim Buchen

    Chapter 5

    Between the Soldiers of Pius IX and the Sons of Saint Felicitas: Catholic Pluralism and Religionero Violence in Michoacán, Mexico, 1873–1877

    Brian A. Stauffer

    Chapter 6

    Religion and Violence in Nineteenth-Century Argentina: Teachings from the 1875 Anticlerical Riots

    Roberto Di Stefano

    Part 3: Resisting Religious Pluralization

    Chapter 7

    From Violent Acts to Violent Hatred: French Catholic Responses to the Damascus and Dreyfus Affairs

    Julie Kalman

    Chapter 8

    The Trillick Railway Outrage: The Politics of Atrocity in Post-Famine Ulster

    Sean Farrell

    Chapter 9

    Catholicism and Violence in Korea: Two Case Studies from the Chosŏn Dynasty

    Franklin Rausch

    Part 4: Imposing a Catholic Order

    Chapter 10

    Violence in Circulation? Missionaries, Local Population, and Colonial Politics during the German War on the East African Coast, 1888–1889

    Richard Hölzl

    Chapter 11

    Catholic Missionaries in Central Africa: Violence and the Creation of Religious Statehood in South Eastern Congo during the Partition Era, 1867–1914

    Reuben A. Loffman

    Chapter 12

    "The Children Grow Up Without Discipline": Religion, Childhood, and Violence in Colonial New Guinea around 1900

    Katharina Stornig

    Part 5: Opposing Catholic Invasion

    Chapter 13

    Pageantry in the Shadow of Violence: Celebrating Fête-Dieu in Mid-Nineteenth-Century Montreal

    Dan Horner

    Chapter 14

    The Popery Panic: Nativism, Anti-Catholicism, and Violence in Antebellum America

    Cassandra L. Yacovazzi

    Chapter 15

    Occasional Martyrs: Catholic Life in Nineteenth-Century China between Coexistence and Subjugation

    Lars Peter Laamann

    Part 6: Conclusions

    Chapter 16

    Parameters of Religion-Related Violence in Modern History

    Eveline G. Bouwers


    Eveline G. Bouwers is Senior Fellow of the Leibniz Institute of European History in Mainz, Germany, and a comparative scholar of modern Europe. Her research focuses on the history of religion-related protest, violence, and blasphemy. Other research interests include remembrance cultures and monument-making, mainly in the nineteenth century.