288 Pages 634 Color Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    With the aid of a large number of unique high quality images, this book describes the important diseases of cattle encountered by veterinarians in general and farm animal practice. The book covers diagnosis, treatment, prognosis and control. Wherever possible sequential images are used to take the reader through all stages of the disease process highlighting clinical features important in the diagnosis.

    The chapters are arranged by body system and where appropriate there is a suggested approach to clinical examination. The authors combine their experience of bovine medicine and surgery from working in general practice, and in teaching and research at a university referral hospital. The book is intended as a reference for veterinary educators and practitioners in farm animal medicine, and as a textbook for veterinary students in their clinical years.

    The reproductive system
    Obstetrics and Parturient Diseases
    The digestive tract and abdomen
    The respiratory system
    The cardiovascular system
    The nervous system
    The musculoskeletal system
    The urinary system
    The integumentary system
    Eye diseases
    The mammary gland
    Parasitic diseases
    Clostrdial diseases
    Metabolic Disorders
    Trace element deficiencies
    Exotic diseases


    Phillip Scott, Colin D. Penny, Alastair Macrae

    ...good quality photographs...descriptions of most of the conditions are applicable over a much wider geographic area [than the UK alone]. The descriptions of the diseases and their treatment...provide a good summary of each condition...could be a useful text for undergraduate veterinary students interested in cattle practice and for veterinarians in cattle practice as a source of summary information over a wide range of conditions. It could serve as a reference text that could readily be carried in a practice vehicle and the succinct nature of the text, as well as the supporting photographs, could provide the basic information that is often required in the practice situation.
    —Jakob Malmo, Australian Veterinary Journal, April 2012

    ...gives a succinct summary of the diseases of cattle encountered by farm animal practitioners...a practical manual...provides the necessary background information and then guides the reader in a clear, uncomplicated manner on how to manage the diagnosis and treatment of clinical cases... concise but detailed...provides everything required for routine farm animal practice and is a handy guide...large number of good-quality, informative photographs...especially helpful in explaining the diseases in their wider context...particularly appealing to veterinary undergraduate students...for practitioners not seeing cattle on a regular basis, this would be a handy reference for the practice library
    —Charlotte R. Bell, Veterinary Record, October 2012