1st Edition

Caught in the Crossfire Kids, Politics, and America's Future

By Lawrence Grossberg Copyright 2005
    408 Pages
    by Routledge

    406 Pages
    by Routledge

    Caught in the Crossfire reveals how the United States has been gradually changing from a society that celebrates childhood into one that is hostile to and afraid of its own children. Today kids are often seen as a threat to our social and moral values. In schools, some behavior is criminalized, and growing numbers of kids find themselves in penal and psychiatric confinement. This breakdown is often too readily attributed to bad parenting, the crisis of the family, or the greed of capitalism. Grossberg offers a new and original understanding of the changes transforming contemporary America, and of the choices Americans face about their future. He documents the relations between economic ideologies and economic realities and explores what is going on in the "culture wars" as well as on the Internet and other new media. Caught in the Crossfire argues that all of these changes and tn struggles, including those involving the state of kids, only make sense as integral parts of a larger transformation to define America's uniqueness and to develop its own sense of modern culture. Part of the Cultural Politics and the Promise of Democracy Series.

    Introduction; Part I America’s War on Its Children; Chapter 1 Kids, the Enemy Within; Chapter 2 Life in the War Zone; Chapter 3 Accounting for the Kids; Part II The Contemporary Political Field; Chapter 4 Neoliberalism; Chapter 5 The New Conservatism; Chapter 6 Liberalism and the Left; Chapter 7 Kids Out of Time (Unsettling Modernity); Part III The Coming American Modernity; Chapter 8 The Struggle for “American Modernity”; Chapter 9 Reconstructing Political Culture; Chapter 10 Reconstructing Economic Life; Chapter 11 Reconstructing Cultural Life; conclusion Kids and the Dilemma of American Politics;


    Lawrence Grossberg