1st Edition

Cecil Rhodes and the Cape Afrikaners The Imperial Colossus and the Colonial Parish Pump

By M. Tamarkin Copyright 1997

    This study of the relationship between Cecil Rhodes and the Cape Afrikaners fills many gaps in his political biography. Previous biographers have rarely consulted the abundant Cape Afrikaner sources that this book refers to and which contribute to a better understanding of Rhodes' political career. Rhodes, who appeared on the political scene of the Cape Colony in the 1880s, played an important role in the shaping of the political outlook of the Cape Afrikaners during the last two decades of the century.

    Tamarkins study draws heavily on the Afrikaans press in the Cape which is used to good effect ...to plot the voices to be heard around the parish pumps of the colony" David Killingray, History Today

    "Thematically clear and evidentially sound monograph ... Even advanced students of imperial history will find it informative." Donald Lammers, Michigan State University, History: Review of New Books

    "it is refreshing to read a work on Cape political history of this quality after the dearth of books in the area in recent years." T.R.H. Davenport, the Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History

    Contemporary British History, Vol 11, No 2, 1997

    "The most realistic and convincing portrait of Rhodes by a modern writer.


    M Tamarkin,