1st Edition

Celebrating 40 Years of Ethnic and Racial Studies Classic Papers in Context

Edited By Martin Bulmer, John Solomos Copyright 2018
    500 Pages
    by Routledge

    500 Pages
    by Routledge

    This volume celebrates the 40th Anniversary of Ethnic and Racial Studies. It reproduces eleven classic papers published in the journal, accompanied by discussions of each paper by invited specialists, and responses from the original authors. The various discussions in this volume provide an insight into the evolution of contemporary debates and controversies in the field of ethnic and racial studies. By bringing together these papers in one volume for the first time, this book explores a number of on-going debates about race and ethnicity.

    Introduction: Reflections on classic papers in Ethnic and Racial Studies Martin Bulmer and John Solomos

    1. Symbolic ethnicity: the future of ethnic groups and cultures in America Herbert J. Gans

    2. Symbolic ethnicity and Herbert Gans: race, religion, and politics in the twenty-first century John Stone and Kelsey Harris

    3. Another look at symbolic ethnicity Herbert J. Gans

    4. The twilight of ethnicity among Americans of European ancestry: the case of Italians Richard D. Alba

    5. The origins of "new assimilation theory" Peter Kivisto

    6. Continuities in assimilation Richard Alba

    7. Masculinity and nationalism: gender and sexuality in the making of nations Joane Nagel

    8. Sex, violence and nationalism Thomas Hylland Eriksen

    9. The continuing significance of masculinity Joane Nagel

    10. The tie that binds: race, gender and US violence Patricia Hill Collins

    11. On violence, intersectionality and transversal politics Patricia Hill Collins

    12. The study of transnationalism: pitfalls and promise of an emergent research field Alejandro Portes, Luis E. Guarnizo and Patricia Landolt

    13. Transnationalism reloaded: the historical trajectory of a concept Janine Dahinden

    14. Commentary on the study of transnationalism: pitfalls and promise of an emergent research field Alejandro Portes, Luis Eduardo Guarnizo and Patricia Landolt

    15. When work disappears: new implications for race and urban poverty in the global economy William Julius Wilson

    16. Race, class, politics, and the disappearance of work Jennifer L. Hochschild

    17. Race, class, politics, and the disappearance of work: a rejoinder William Julius Wilson

    18. Transnational migration and the redefinition of the state: Variations and explanations Peggy Levitt and Rafael de la Dehesa

    19. Transnationalism and the state: recurring themes and new directions Alice Bloch

    20. Rethinking ‘transnational migration and the redefinition of the state’ or what to do about (semi-) permanent impermanence Peggy Levitt and Rafael de la Dehesa

    21. Why migration policies fail Stephen Castles

    22. Towards a new politics of migration? Bridget Anderson

    23. Migration policies are problematic – because they are about migration Stephen Castles

    24. The ‘diaspora’ diaspora Rogers Brubaker

    25. Beyond the "The ‘diaspora’ diaspora": a response to Rogers Brubaker Claire Alexander

    26. Revisiting "The ‘diaspora’ diaspora" Rogers Brubaker

    27. Super-diversity and its implications Steven Vertovec

    28. Mooring "super-diversity" to a brutal migration milieu Suzanne M. Hall

    29. Mooring, migration milieus and complex explanations Steven Vertovec

    30. The future of whiteness: a map of the ‘third wave’ France Winddance Twine and Charles Gallagher

    31. Surfing the third wave of whiteness studies: reflections on Twine and Gallagher Steve Garner

    32. From wave to tsunami: the growth of third wave whiteness Charles Gallagher and France Winddance Twine


    Martin Bulmer is Emeritus Professor of Sociology at the University of Surrey, UK. He is the author and editor of many books.

    John Solomos is Professor of Sociology and Head of Department at the University of Warwick, UK. His most recent publications are Race, Multiculture and Social Policy (with Alice Bloch and Sarah Neal) and Theories of Race and Ethnic Relations: Contemporary Debates and Perspectives (with Karim Murji).