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Celebrating Dance in Asia and the Pacific

About the Series

Celebrating Dance in Asia and the Pacific is a series that presents the views of eminent scholars, journalists and commentators alongside the voices of a new generation of choreographers working from tradition to create new forms of expression in contemporary dance. It documents and celebrates these artistic journeys that work within the framework of rich and complex cultural heritages. Future titles in this series include India, Taiwan, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific. The Series is published by Routledge and supported by the World Dance Alliance Asia-Pacific.

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Lives in Motion Celebrating Dance in Thailand

Lives in Motion: Celebrating Dance in Thailand

1st Edition


Edited By Pornrat Damrhung, Lowell Skar
November 30, 2023

Lives in Motion celebrates dance in Thailand, focusing on the diversity of Thailand’s dance cultures and their place in today’s world. Giving voice to eminent artists and scholars on the complex roles that Thailand is pursuing for artful movement at home and abroad, the book provides key ...

Reflections of Dance along the Brahmaputra Celebrating Dance in North East India

Reflections of Dance along the Brahmaputra: Celebrating Dance in North East India

1st Edition

Edited By Ralph Buck, Barbara Snook, Debarshi Prasad Nath
July 18, 2023

This volume brings a critical lens to dance and culture within North East India. Through case studies, first-hand accounts, and interviews, it explores unique folk dances of Indigenous communities of North East India that reflect diverse journeys, lifestyles, and connections within their ethnic ...

Shaping the Landscape Celebrating Dance in Australia

Shaping the Landscape: Celebrating Dance in Australia

1st Edition

Edited By Stephanie Burridge, Julie Dyson
January 20, 2016

This, the fourth book in the series 'Celebrating Dance in Asia and the Pacific', explores the current dance scene in Australia from a wide perspective that mirrors the creative engagement of artists with Australian culture and the landscape. It looks at Indigenous dance, choreography beyond theatre...

Moving Oceans Celebrating Dance in the South Pacific

Moving Oceans: Celebrating Dance in the South Pacific

1st Edition

Edited By Ralph Buck, Nicholas Rowe
June 13, 2019

Celebrating the diversity of dance across the South Pacific, this volume studies the various experiences, motivations and aims for dance, emerging from the voices of dance professionals in the islands. In particular, it focuses on the interplay of cultures and pathways of migration as people move ...

Evolving Synergies Celebrating Dance in Singapore

Evolving Synergies: Celebrating Dance in Singapore

1st Edition

Edited By Stephanie Burridge, Caren Cariño
December 04, 2017

This book, Evolving Synergies: Celebrating Dance in Singapore, is a noteworthy contribution to the discourse of the Singapore dance scene. It discusses the evolution of Singapore's dance landscape, and its place in the city-state's social, cultural and historical development....

Traversing Tradition Celebrating Dance in India

Traversing Tradition: Celebrating Dance in India

1st Edition

Edited By Urmimala Sarkar Munsi, Stephanie Burridge
January 20, 2016

Dance occupies a prestigious place in Indian performing arts, yet it curiously, to a large extent, has remained outside the arena of academic discourse. This book documents and celebrates the emergence of contemporary dance practice in India. Incorporating a multidisciplinary approach, it includes ...

Identity and Diversity Celebrating Dance in Taiwan

Identity and Diversity: Celebrating Dance in Taiwan

1st Edition

Edited By Wang Yunyu, Stephanie Burridge
March 22, 2013

Reflecting the breadth and diversity of dance in the Asia–Pacific region, this volume provides an in-depth and comprehensive study of Taiwan’s dance history. Taiwan is home to several indigenous tribes with unique rituals and folk dance traditions, with an array of eclectic influences including ...

Sharing Identities Celebrating Dance in Malaysia

Sharing Identities: Celebrating Dance in Malaysia

1st Edition

Edited By Mohd Anis Md Nor, Stephanie Burridge
September 20, 2011

This anthology celebrates dancing diversities in Malaysia, a multicultural nation with old and not-so-old dance traditions in a synchronicity of history, creativity, inventions and representation of its people, culture and traditions. These articles and interviews document the legacy of dances from...

Beyond the Apsara Celebrating Dance in Cambodia

Beyond the Apsara: Celebrating Dance in Cambodia

1st Edition

Edited By Stephanie Burridge, Fred Frumberg
January 25, 2010

This book celebrates and documents the resurgence of dance in Cambodia after the fall of the Khmer Rouge and the infamous Pol Pot regime. It honours the remarkable commitment of the few remaining masters of the art of dance who are reviving and preserving the famous classical dances, as well as the...

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