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1st Edition

Cell Electrophoresis

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ISBN 9780849389184
Published September 9, 1994 by CRC Press
336 Pages

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Book Description

This book presents a summary of the application and instrumentation of cell electrophoresis. The method of making cell purification and characterization possible according to the cellular negative surface charge density is discussed, and ideas for future developments are explained. The negative electrostatic forces at cell surfaces provide information about cell-cell interaction, blood vessel sealing, cytokine actions, cell transformation, ion transport phenomena, and other biological phenomena. Recalculations of the physical principles of cell electrophoresis reveal possibilities for removing disruptive factors caused by electrical current, heat, and sedimentation. The introduction of computer technology, the performance of simultaneous two-parameter measurements, and the application of cell-friendly but current-inert buffer systems render the method more reliable and efficient.

Table of Contents

Theoretical Considerations:
Contributions to a Mathematical Theory of Free Flow Electrophoresis, F.G. Boese
Numerical Description of Zone Electrophoresis in the CFE Device, T.M. Grateful, A.M. Athalye, and E.N. Lightfoot
Improvements of the Method:
Theoretical and Experimental Studies on the Stabilization of Hydrodynamic Flow in Free-Fluid Electrophoresis, P.H. Rhodes and R.S. Snyder
The Loading and Unloading of Cells in Electrophoretic Separations, P. Todd
Electrode Compartment Separating Membranes for Cell Electrophoresis, J. Heinrich and H. Wagner
Cell Electrophoresis Using Antibodies and Antigens as Ligands, H.H.P. Cohly and S.K. Das
Buffers and Their Effects on Cells:
New Buffer Systems for Cell Electrophoresis, K.A. Kinsley and L.S. Rodkey
Alteration of Cellular Features after Exposure to Low Ionic Strength Medium, I. Bernhardt
Electrophoresis of Cells at Physiologic Ionic Strength, M.V. Golovanov
The Importance of Determination of the Negative Surface Charge Density of Cells:
Simultaneous Two-Parameter Measurements of the Electrophoretic Features of Cell Populations and Their Sedimental Characteristics, G.G. Slivinsky
Cell Interactions and Surface Hydrophilicity: Influence of Lewis Acid-Base and Electrostatic Forces, C. J. van Oss
Electrical Surface Phenomena of Endothelial Cells, F.F. Vargas
Application of Cell Electrophoresis for Clinical Diagnosis, W. Schütt, N. Hashimoto, and M. Shimizu
The Negative Surface Charge Density of Cells and Their Actual State of Differentiation or Activation, J. Bauer
Cell Electrophoresis in Space:
Cell Electrophoresis in Microgravity: Past and Future, D.R. Morrison
Cell Electrophoresis in Microgravity, U. Friedrich, G. Ruyters, and J. Bauer

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