1st Edition

Cell Physiology and Genetics of Higher Plants Volume I

By A. Rashid Copyright 1988

    First Published in 2018. Plants contribute to a wide range of industries including those of food and feed, fabric and furnishing, chemical, paper, and energy. Some of these industries are central to our needs and others are peripheral. Due to an ever-increasing population and the consequent decrease in land area for cultivation and forestry and dwindling energy resources it is imperative for plant scientists to have continuous plant improvement programs. In the past this has been accomplished through plant breeding. However, the potentials and properties of plant cells remain to be explored. This is Volume I of an exploration into the cell physiology and genetics of higher plants.

    1. Cell Multiplication 2. Cell Differentiation 3. Cell Totipotency 4. Induction of Haploid Plant/Cell


    Rashid, A.