Cellular and Molecular Physiology of Cell Volume Regulation  book cover
1st Edition

Cellular and Molecular Physiology of Cell Volume Regulation

ISBN 9780849344480
Published November 18, 1993 by CRC Press
414 Pages

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Book Description

The ability to regulate cell volume in the face of osmotic challenge is one of the most fundamental of cellular homeostatic mechanisms. Cellular and Molecular Physiology of Cell Volume Regulation is an integrated collection of articles describing key aspects of cell volume control. The book has been organized around concepts and cellular/molecular processes rather than around mechanisms of volume regulation in specific cell types in order to make it more accessible to a multidisciplinary audience of students, instructors, and researchers.

Table of Contents

Fundamental Principles and Physiological Roles of Cell Volume Regulation: Principles of Cell Volume Regulation (K.R. Hallows and P.A. Knauf). Volume Regulation in Epithelia: Transcellular Transport and Cross-Talk (L. Reuss and C.U. Cotton). Volume Regulation in Renal Medullary Nephron Segments (A.M. Sun and S.C. Hebert). Clinical Significance of Cellular Osmoregulation (M.L. McManus and K.B. Churchwell). Organic Osmolytes: Compatible and Counteracting Solutes (P.H. Yancey). Regulation of Cellular Amino Acid Levels (J.S. Ballantyne and M.E. Chamberlin). The Role and Regulation of Methylamines in the Response of Cells to Osmotic Stress (J. Dragolovich and S.K. Pierce). Regulation of Intracellular Polyols and Sugars in Response to Osmotic Stress (J.M. Sands). Volume Sensing and Signal Transduction: Cellular Signal Transduction Mechanisms (T. Force and J.V. Bonventre). Influence of Macromolecular Crowding on Intracellular Association Reactions: Possible Role in Volume Regulation (A.P. Minton). How an Epithelial Cell Swells is a Determinant of the Signalling Pathways that Activate RVD (R.J. Macleod). Protein Phosphorylation Control in the Activity of Volume-Sensitive Transport Systems (H.C. Palfrey). Stretch-Activated Ion Channels (H. Sackin). The Cytoskeleton and Cell Volume Regulation (J.W. Mills, E.M. Schwiebert, and B.A. Stanton). The Role of Calcium in the Control of Volume Regulatory Transport Pathways (J.K. Foskett). Eicosanoids and Cell Volume Regulation (I.H. Lambert). Involvement of a G Protein in the Shrinkage-Induced Activation of Na-H Exchange in Barnacle Muscle Fibers (W.F. Boron, E.M. Hogan, and B.A. Davis). Coordinated Regulation of Volume-Activated Transport Pathways (J.C. Parker). Role of Gene Expression in Cell Volume Control: Regulation of Eukaryotic Gene Expression (A. Garcia-Perez). Gene Expression and Osmoregulation in Bacteria (H.H. Yim and M.R. Villarejo). Genetic Control of Osmoregulation in Plants (D. Rhodes and Y. Samaras). Transcription Factors and Stress Proteins in Renal Epithelial Cell Adaptation to Hyperosmotic Stress (D.M. Cohen and S.R. Gullans). Aldose Reductase Gene Expression and Osmoregulation in Mammalian Renal Cells (A. Garcia-Perez and J.D. Ferraris). Molecular Regulation of Mammalian Osmolyte Transporters (H.M. Kwon).

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