1st Edition

Censored by Confucius Ghost Stories by Yuan Mei

By Yuan Mei, Kam Louie, Louise Edwards, Yuan Mei Copyright 1996
    259 Pages
    by Routledge

    260 Pages
    by Routledge

    "The one hundred-some stories depict the important role ghosts played in the lives of the Chinese, as well as revealing a great deal about sex, revenge, transvestism, corruption, and other topics banned by Mei's puritanical mid-Qing society". -- Reference & Research Book News.

    Chapter 1 Deputy Prefect Li; Chapter 2 Scholar Cai; Chapter 3 Revenge of the Skull; Chapter 4 General Zhao Spears the Cheeky Monster; Chapter 5 The Magistrate of Pingyang; Chapter 6 Tricking the Thunder God; Chapter 7 Ghosts Are Afraid of Those Unafraid of Death; Chapter 8 Scholar Qiu; Chapter 9 Ghosts Have Only Three Tricks; Chapter 10 Master Chen Qingke Blows the Ghost Away; Chapter 11 The Tall Ghost Is Captured; Chapter 12 The Lady Ghost of the Western Garden; Chapter 13 A Sentry Is Struck by Lightning; Chapter 14 In Which Hunters Expurgate the Fox Fairies; Chapter 15 The Goats Who Fulfilled Their Fate; Chapter 16 Capturing a Ghost; Chapter 17 Mr. Xu; Chapter 18 The Hairy People of Qin; Chapter 19 The Human Ape; Chapter 20 The Human Prawn; Chapter 21 The Duck's Lover; Chapter 22 The Spirit of the Turtle Stone; Chapter 23 Ghosts Who Play with Firecrackers May Burn Themselves; Chapter 24 Kaxiong; Chapter 25 Freak Wind; Chapter 26 The Old Woman Who Was Transformed into a Wolf; Chapter 27 A Loyal Dog Makes Use of Another Dog's Body; Chapter 28 Leng Qiujiang; Chapter 29 The Nailed-up Specter Makes Good Her Escape; Chapter 30 The Messenger of Death Who Loved His Wine; Chapter 31 A Fox Fairy Plays Guanyin for Three Years; Chapter 32 Butterfingered Scholar Wu; Chapter 33 The Patriarch of Fox Fairies; Chapter 34 Swindled by the Earth God's Wife; Chapter 35 The Good Little Ghost; Chapter 36 The Ghosts Who Pretended They Could Speak Mandarin; Chapter 37 The City God Gets Drunk; Chapter 38 Two Great Ways to Deal with Ghosts; Chapter 39 The Immortal Prostitute; Chapter 40 Zhang Youhua; Chapter 41 A Ghost Borrows an Official Title for a Daughter's Marriage; Chapter 42 The Bear; Chapter 43 Two Corpses Make Love in the Wilderness; Chapter 44 King Buffalo Head; Chapter 45 The Muddleheaded Ghost; Chapter 46 The Ghost That Stood in Awe of the Powerful; Chapter 47 The Lovesick Ghost; Chapter 48 Thunder Strikes the Earth God; Chapter 49 Zhang Guangxiong; Chapter 50 The Blue-Capped Demon; Chapter 51 Cousin Raccoon; Chapter 52 An Imprisoned Ghost; Chapter 53 A Fox Fairy and a Ghost Invade the Stomach; Chapter 54 The Immortal Fox Fairy Hangs Itself; Chapter 55 Ghosts Hate Poverty; Chapter 56 Xiao Fu; Chapter 57 A Jeweled Pagoda Formed by Ghosts; Chapter 58 The Land Without Doors; Chapter 59 Scholar Song; Chapter 60 Scholar Zhuang; Chapter 61 Little Mischief; Chapter 62 Commander Wang; Chapter 63 The Sea Monster of Jiangxi; Chapter 64 The Sparrows Repay a Debt of Kindness; Chapter 65 Quan Gu; Chapter 66 A Ghost Is Chased Off by a Ghost; Chapter 67 The Folding Immortal; Chapter 68 Demons Are Terrified of Rationalism; Chapter 69 Spiritual Man Luo Catches the Wrong Demon; Chapter 70 The Thunder God Strikes Wang San; Chapter 71 Memories of Suiyan; Chapter 72 The Cool Old Man; Chapter 73 A Tiger Steals the God of Literature's Head; Chapter 74 Revenge on the Warrior of the Flowers; Chapter 75 The Wooden Guardsmen; Chapter 76 A Woman Transforms into a Man; Chapter 77 The Prince of Guazhou; Chapter 78 Yang Er; Chapter 79 Helping a Ghost Get Revenge; Chapter 80 A Donkey Helps Solve a Strange Case; Chapter 81 Scholar Zhang; Chapter 82 The Reincarnation of Cai Jing; Chapter 83 Hanging onto the Ears of a Tiger; Chapter 84 Animals and Humans Are Equally Unpredictable; Chapter 85 A Ghost Buys Herself a Son; Chapter 86 Poor Ghosts Haunt, Rich Ghosts Don't Bother; Chapter 87 Revenge of the Wronged Wife; Chapter 88 A Ghost Makes an Offering of Dumplings; Chapter 89 You Don't Have to Be Virtuous to Become a God; Chapter 90 In Which the Ghost Sues Her Loved One; Chapter 91 Elder Brother Ding; Chapter 92 Miss Wang Er; Chapter 93 Double Blossom Temple; Chapter 94 The Female Impersonator; Chapter 95 Tools of the Sex Trade; Chapter 96 Stealing Ginseng; Chapter 97 Stealing a Painting; Chapter 98 Stealing a Pair of Boots; Chapter 99 Stealing a Wall; Chapter 100 Daylight Ghosts;


    Authored by Mei, Yuan; Louie, Kam; Edwards, Louise; Mei, Yuan