1st Edition

Central and Eastern Europe and the CIS

By Jerome Witt Copyright 1996

    Learn about the many economical and political changes in Central and Eastern Europe to stay on top of business!

    Western academics are being called upon to play a principle role in the redefinition of management education in Central and Eastern Europe and the former USSR. Among the countless ideological, political, and economic issues engendered by the demise of communism throughout the region, myriad challenges in business education have surfaced. Central and Eastern Europe and the CIS provides an insightful background for Western educators who wish to play a part in or simply bear witness to this historic development.

    This book reveals and documents some of the major educational efforts and issues which have emerged during the past few years and relates the experiences and viewpoints of some of the most active participants. It shares both insights and lessons that have already been learned with those who seek to contribute in the future. Each chapter will interest and challenge the reader as it frankly describes the struggle to establish modern business education in these dynamic societies.

    In this collection, distinguished contributors counsel readers that if Western educators are to make an effective contribution, they must first discover which western ideas and theories can be used immediately, which need to be adapted to fit the local environments, and which must be completely rethought. Each chapter enhances the understanding of business education in these emerging societies and affords a clearer understanding of the gulf between East and West.

    Topics in Central and Eastern Europe and the CIS include:

    • international business education in Estonia—from socialism to capitalism
    • business education and management training in the old and new East Central Europe
    • the International Center for Public Enterprises in Slovenia—implications for teaching interpersonal skills and introducing international business concepts
    • teaching organization behavior to Eastern European managers—a process of adaptation to change
    Business education will most certainly have a significant impact on the restructuring of the political and social cultures in the region and is, in fact, critical to the ultimate success of democratic free market systems. Central and Eastern Europe and the CIS helps Western educators and practitioners alike to make a useful contribution toward meeting the opportunities and threats in this historic era.

    Contents Introduction
    • Lessons Learned After Several Years in Central and Eastern Europe
    • International Business Education in Estonia: From Socialism to Capitalism
    • Business Education and Management Training in the Old and New East Central Europe
    • Using the Looking Glass at the International Center for Public Enterprises in Slovenia: Implications for Teaching Interpersonal Skills and Introducing International Business Concepts
    • Teaching Organization Behavior to Eastern European Managers: A Process of Adaptation to Change
    • Viewpoint: Message From Moscow
    • Reference Notes Included


    Jerome Witt, PhD