10th Edition

Central and South Eastern Europe 2010

    860 Pages
    by Routledge

    A comprehensive survey of the countries and territories of Central and South-Eastern Europe, incorporating coverage of the latest economic and political developments.

    • includes expert analysis of questions of regional importance, up-to-date statistics, extensive directories, and biographical information
    • provides an impartial discussion of the politics and economy of the region

    General Survey

    • thoroughly revised and updated analytical articles written by acknowledged experts covering issues of regional interest, including: Central and South-Eastern European Economies; Minorities in Central and South-Eastern Europe; Environmental Governance and EU Enlargement; The Baltic Sea Region; Bosnia and Herzegovina since Dayton; The Impact of EU Integration on Social Policy Reforms in Central and South-Eastern Europe; plus appendices on the religions of the region and on the Russian Baltic territory of Kaliningrad.

    Country Surveys

    • detailed individual chapters for each country include a description of physical and social geography; a chronology; essays on the history and economy; and a statistical survey. Each chapter also includes a comprehensive directory of names, addresses, and contact details, together with information on: the Constitution, national and local government, political organizations, diplomatic representation, the judicial system, religion, the media, finance, telecommunications, trade and industry (including major companies), transport, tourism, culture, education, social welfare, the environment and defence. There is also a select bibliography.
    • this edition includes newly commissioned essays on the history and economy of Kosovo.

    Who's Who in Central and South-Eastern Europe

    • biographical details on more than 180 of the region's leading political figures.

    Regional Information

    • provides detailed information on selected regional and international organizations; a list of research institutes; and select bibliographies of both books and periodicals.


    Dominic Heaney

    'This is an impressive reference work providing an impartial and invaluable guide to the politics, economy and history of the region' - European Access Plus