2nd Edition

Centrifugal Pump Clinic, Revised and Expanded

By Igor J. Karassik Copyright 1989

    Maintaining the excellent coverage of centrifugal pumps begun in the First Edition -- called ``useful'' and ``indispensable'' by reviewers -- the Second Edition continues to serve as the most complete and up-to-date working guide yet written for plant and design engineers involved with centrifugal pumps.

    Application How Far to Go in Preparing Pump Specifications Reducing Impeller Diameter to Correct Motor Overload Effect of Pump Speed Change Calculation of RPM for Different Conditions of Service More on the Effect of Pump Speed Change Pump Capacity Versus Impeller Diameter Narrow and Wide Impellers Impeller Cutdown for Multistage Pumps How to Cut and Trim Impellers Field Test for Required NPSH NPSH Tests How to Measure Suction Lift and Suction Head Effect of Altitude on Atmospheric Pressure NPSH Versus Impeller Eye Diameter Recommended Suction and Discharge Nozzle Velocities Parable About NPSH and Hard Cash More About NPSH and Velocity Head More About Velocity Head and Entrance Loss Effect of Changing Heater Pressure on NPSH Inert Gas Pressurization of Reservoir at Pump Suction Effect of Temperature on Required NPSH More on Temperature at NPSH NPSH Required When Handling Hydrocarbons Injection of Cold Water to Boiler Feed Pump Suction Submergence Control with 15-ft NPSH Pump Construction Packed Boxes Versus Mechanical Seals urther Comments on Mechanical Seals xtra Deep Stuffing Boxes leeve Bearings Versus Antifriction Bearings ertical Turbine Pump Bearings ouling End Float se of Cast Steel Castings for Boiler Feed Pumps aper Machining of Axially Split Casing Flanges ingle Suction Versus Double Suction wo Pumps in Series with Single Driver alancing Holes in Impellers mpeller Pump-out Vanes alancing Axial Thrust of Multistage Pumps ingle or Double Rings everse Threads in Wearing Rings haft Deflection of Multistage Pumps haft Sleeves ater-Flooded Stuffing Box Installation Location of Discharge Nozzles on Endsuction Pumps aised Faces on Pump Nozzles ccentric Reducers at Pump Suction eduction of Suction and Discharge Piping Size re Baseplates Needed? Grouting of Baseplates hims Under Pump Baseplates otor Doweling xpansion Joints ore on Expansion Joints oes Axial Thrust of Vertical Turbine Pumps Act on the Foundations? urthur Comments on Axial Thrust of Vertical Turbine Pumps haft Elongation of Vertical Turbine Pumps aving Stuffing-Box Leakage ealing Water for Stuffing Boxes ealing Stuffing Boxes with Brine ortex Formation in Reservoir at Pump Suction ore on Vortex Formation ir Entrainment into Deep-Well Pumps ypass to Drain Instead of to Suction emperature-Rise Control of Recirculation Bypass odulating Bypass Valves and Single Flow Orifice ommon Recirculation Line for Several Pumps ocation of Recirculation Control Valve ocation of Flowmeter for Bypass Control Operation Testing Motors for Rotation arm-up of Boiler Feed Pumps hould Suction or Discharge Be Throttled? Can a Centrifugal Pump Be Operated Against a Closed Discharge? tarting Boiler Feed Pumps riming Pumps Before Starting riming Large Horizontal Pumps rotection Against Loss of Prime entrifugal Pumps in Series requent Starting of Electric Motors un-out Capacity of Parallel Pumps When Run Singly eep Flashing Pumps Running inimum Operating Speed asis for Minimum Flow limination of Recirculation Bypass emperature Rise for Liquids Other than Water ontinuous Versus Intermittent Operation ooling and Sealing Water for Standby Pumps earing and Glad Cooling and-Operated Auxiliary Oil Pumps ubricating Oil Characteristics ules for Operation and Maintenance of Centifugal Pumps utomation of Boiler Feed Pump Operation umping Through Idle Feed Pumps to Fill the Boiler esting Pumps at Different Temperatures Maintenance Frequency of Complete Overhauls ife Between Overhauls for Boiler Feed Pumps eplacement with a More Efficient Pump aintenance Tools pare Parts for Boiler Feed Pumps epair or Replace? earing Ring Clearances ore About Wearing Ring Clearances easuring Internal Clearances (Axially Split Casing Pumps) easuring Internal Clearances (Radically Split Casing Pumps) heck Internal Clearances Without Opening Pump eplacement of Casing Gaskets urther Comments on Gaskets of Axially Split Casing Pumps ore Comments on Casing Gaskets prayed-on Casing Gaskets traightening Pump Shafts roded Casing Volute Tongue ow to Pack a Pump ands-on or Hands-off? iagnosis from Worn Stuffing-Box Packing an Shaft Sleeves Be Reground? se of Molybdenum Disulfide on Shrink Fits ocking Wearing Rings in Place raining Pumps Handling Corrosive Liquids Field Troubles Documentation of Field Troubles uction Lift a 5200 ft Elevation peeding Up a Pump hy Do These Pumps Lose Suction? Loss of Capacity After Starting urthur Comments on Loss of Capacity After Starting urther Comments on Loss of Capacity After Starting ailure of a Pump to Deliver Any Capacity nwatering a Basin PSH Problem When Pumping from a Reservoir or How Best to Drain a Tank xygen in Feedwater dmitting Air into Pump Suction loat-Controlled Valve in Pump Discharge loat Switches Versus Float-Controlled Valves s Engineering an Exact Science? eversed Impeller ransient NPSH Conditions ore on Transient Conditions in Open Feedwater Cycles ore About Antiflash Baffling orizontal Runs in the Suction Piping of Boiler Feed Pumps uction Piping Vibrations ffect of Transients in Closed Feedwater Cycles ffect of Reverse Flow everse Rotation of Vertical Pumps ero-Speed Indicator se of Two Check Valves in Series


    Karassik, Igor J.