1st Edition

Centrifuges in Soil Mechanics

Edited By W.H. Craig, R.G. James, A.N. Schofield Copyright 1988

    This book contains technical papers, presented in a discussion session at the XI International Conference on Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering held in San Francisco in 1985, on the role of centrifuge in geotechnical testing, with descriptions of test facilities.

    1. An introduction to centrifuge modelling 2. Summary of the state-of-the-art in centrifuge model testing 3. Centrifuge research activities in Japan 4. Use of geotechnical centrifuges in the USSR 5. The development of geotechnical centrifuges in the United Kingdom 1965–1985 6. Review of geotechnical centrifuge testing in France 7. American literature on geotechnical centrifuge modelling 1931-1984 8. Studies on the design of large scale centrifuge for geotechnical and structural tests 9. Danish centrifuge hardware and usage 10. Design characteristics of the Bochum geotechnical centrifuge and possible fields of research 11. Creation of geotechnical centrifuge facilities in India 12. Physical and numerical models 13. The application of the theory of modelling to centrifuge studies 14. Centrifugal model tests of dams and embankments 15. Centrifuge models in marine and coastal engineering 16. Centrifuge modelling of soil-structure interaction 17. Investigation of the deformation and collapse behaviour of circular lined tunnels in centrifuge model tests 18. Centrifugal testing in rock mechanics 19. Centrifuge contributions to cratering technology 20. Experiments with earthquake ground motion simulation 21. Dynamic problems


    W.H. Craig (Edited by) , R.G. James (Edited by) , A.N. Schofield (Edited by)