1st Edition

Ceramics Before Farming
The Dispersal of Pottery Among Prehistoric Eurasian Hunter-Gatherers

ISBN 9781611327892
Published October 15, 2011 by Routledge
589 Pages

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Book Description

A long-overdue advancement in ceramic studies, this volume sheds new light on the adoption and dispersal of pottery by non-agricultural societies of prehistoric Eurasia. Major contributions from Western Europe, Eastern Europe and Asia make this a truly international work that brings together different theories and material for the first time. Researchers and scholars studying the origins and dispersal of pottery, the prehistoric peoples or Eurasia, and flow of ancient technologies will all benefit from this book.

Table of Contents

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Foreword, Brian Hayden

Part 1 Introduction
1. Ex Oriente Lux: The Prehistory of Hunter Gatherer Ceramic Dispersals - Peter Jordan and Marek Zvelebil
Part 2 Early Ceramic Innovations And Dispersals
2. Long-Term Innovation: The Appearance and Spread of Pottery in the Japanese Archipelago - Simon Kaner
3. Pottery-making in Prehistoric Cultures of the Russian Far East - Irina S. Zhushchikhovskaya
4. The Hunter-Gatherer Ceramics of Neolithic Korea - Daeyoun Cho and Ilhong Ko
5. Review of Early Hunter-Gatherer Pottery in Eastern Siberia - Hugh McKenzie
6. Early Hunter Gatherer Ceramics in the Urals and Western Siberia - Natalia Chairkina and Lubov Kosinskaya
7. Early Pottery Makers in Eastern Europe: Centres of Origins, Subsistence and Dispersal - Pavel Dolukhanov, Andrei Mazurkevich and Anvar Shukurov
8. Early Hunter-Gatherer Ceramics in Karelia - Konstantin German
9. Ceramic Anthropomorphic Sculptures of the East European Forest Zone - Ekaterina Kashina
10. Pottery of the Stone Age Hunter-Gatherers in Finland - Petro Pesonen and Sirpa Leskinen
11. Ceramics as a Novelty in Northern and Southern Sweden - Ole Stilborg and Lena Holm
12. All Change: Exploring the Role of Technological Choice in the Early Northern Comb Ware of Finnmark, Arctic Norway - Marianne Skandfer
13. Tiny Islands in a Far Sea: On the Seal Hunters of Aland, and the North-Western Limit in the Spread of Early Pottery - Fredrik Hallgren
14. The Pitted Ware Culture in Eastern Middle Sweden: Material Culture and Human Agency - Mats Larsson
15. Pitted Ware Culture Ceramics: Aspects of Pottery Production and Use at Ottenby Royal Manor, Oland, Sweden - Ludvig Papmehl-Dufay
Part 3 Early Pottery In Forager-Farmer Interaction Zones
16. Hunter-Gatherers and Early Ceramics in Poland - Marek Nowak
17. Early Pottery in Hunter-Gatherer Societies of Western Europe - Philippe Crombe
18. Ceramic Trajectories: from Figurines to Vessels - Mihael Budja
19. Transregional Culture Contacts and the Neolithization Process in Northern Central Europe - Detlef Gronener
Part 4 Ceramic Dispersals In World Perspective
20. Discussion: Living at the Edge - William K. Barnett

21. Hunter Gatherer Pottery: an Emerging 14C Chronology - Peter Hommel


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"Readers will welcome this major advance in solving the enduring question of why pottery emerged in various parts of the world only towards the end of the prehistoric period It has been a great pleasure to peruse the contributions of this volume and become acquainted with the most recent developments in the quest to understand the origins of pottery--a phenomenon, as Jordan and Zvelebil note, too long equated with the Neolithic revolution."

--From the Foreword by Brian Hayden, Simon Fraser University