1st Edition

Challenge & Innovation

By Mary Boulton Copyright 1995
    276 Pages
    by Taylor & Francis

    by Routledge

    First published in 1994. This volume arises largely out of a meeting with the same title as part of efforts to disseminate the work of its AIDS Initiative. The meeting brought together over forty British, European and American researchers in the social and behavioural sciences, as well as those involved in policy, planning and evaluation, to discuss methodological aspects of social research in relation to HIV/AIDS. Of relevance to those seeking insight into the contribution that social research can make to the epidemic, this book is essential reading for all concerned with the social dimensions of health.

    Chapter 1 The Methodological Imagination, Mary Boulton; Part 1 Research Design, Theoretical Frameworks and the Research Question; Chapter 2 Using Longitudinal Cohort-Sequential Designs to Study Changes in Sexual Behaviour, Glynis M. Breakwell, Chris R. Fife-Schaw; Chapter 3 Monitoring Behavioural Change in the Population: A Continuous Data Collection Approach, David McQueen, Stefano Carnpostrini; Chapter 4 Acts, Sessions and Individuals: A Model for Analysing Sexual Behaviour, Peter Davies; Chapter 5 Analysing Naturally-Occurring Data on AIDS Counselling: Some Methodological and Practical Issues, David Silverman; Part 2 Samples and Populations; Chapter 6 Some Methodological and Practical Implications of Employing Drug Users as Indigenous Fieldworkers, Robert Power; Chapter 7 How Many Prostitutes? Epidemiology out of Ethnography, Neil McKeganey, Marina Barnard, Michael Bloor; Part 3 Methods of Data Collection; Chapter 8 Diaries and Sexual Behaviour: The Use of Sexual Diaries as Method and Substance in Researching Gay Men’s Response to HIV/AIDS, Anthony P.M. Coxon; Chapter 9 Social Science Methods used in a Study of Prostitutes in the Gambia, Helen Pickering; Chapter 10 Focus Groups: Method or Madness?, Jenny Kitzinger; Part 4 Evaluating Health Education Interventions; Chapter 11 Theory, Utility and Stakeholders: Methodological Issues in Evaluating a Community Project on HIV/AIDS, Ian S. Peers, Margaret Johnston; Chapter 12 Assessing AIDS Preventive Strategies in Europe: Lessons for Evaluative Research, Kaye Wellings; Part 5 A Feminist Approach to Social Research HIV/AIDS; Chapter 13 Methodological Issues in Researching Young Women’s Sexuality, Janet Holland, Caroline Ramazanoglu, Sue Scott, Sue Sharpe, Rachel Thomson; Part 6 Looking Forward; Chapter 14 Towards the Mainstreaming of HIV/AIDS Research, Mildred Blaxter;


    Boulton, Mary