1st Edition

Challenges, Opportunities and Solutions in Structural Engineering and Construction

Edited By Nader Ghafoori Copyright 2009
    1032 Pages
    by CRC Press

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    Challenges, Opportunities and Solutions in Structural Engineering and Construction addresses the latest developments in innovative and integrative technologies and solutions in structural engineering and construction, including: Concrete, masonry, steel and composite structures; Dynamic impact and earthquake engineering; Bridges and special structures; Structural optimization and computation; Construction materials; Construction methods and management; Construction maintenance and  infrastructure; Organizational behavior; Sustainability and energy conservation; Engineering economics; Information technology; Geotechnical engineering, foundation and tunneling. The book appeals to structural and construction engineers, architects, academics, researchers, students and those involved in the building and construction industry.

    High-performance materials in earthquake-resistant concrete bridges  
    M. Saiidi, C. Cruz & D. Hillis

    Implications of air pollution on future electricity generation  
    A. Singh

    ‘‘Root of all evils’’ misunderstanding of construction industry structure  
    D.T. Kashiwagi

    Concrete and masonry structures

    Application of nonlinear damper in reinforced concrete structure control  
    F. Hejazi, J. Noorzaei & M.S. Jaafar

    Behavior of cylindrical R/C panel under combined axial and lateral load  
    T. Hara

    Calculation method research on the flexural capacity of PSRC beam  
    S. Qin, Y. Wang, F. Li & Z. Ding

    Cyclic loading deterioration effect in RC moment frames in pushover analysis  
    G. Ghodrati Amiri, B. Mohebi & S.A. Razavian Amrei

    Evaluating shear capacity of RC joints subjected to cyclic loading using ANN  
    A. Said & E. Khalifa

    Evaluation of drift distribution in performance-based retrofitting of RC frames  
    G. Ghodrati Amiri & A. Gholamrezatabar

    Experimental research on high-frequency fatigue behavior of concrete  
    Y. Chen, W. Shao, H. Han, Z. Yin & R. Azzam

    Experimental study of self-centering RC frames with column yielding mechanism  
    K. Sakino & H. Nakahara

    Experimental study on high-strength R/C member in tension and shear  
    T. Tamura

    Improving the behavior of reinforced concrete beams with lap splice reinforcement  
    A.M. Tarabia, M.S. Shoukry & M.A. Diab

    Load testing a historic monument  
    F.D. Heidbrink

    Modeling of concrete beams prestressed with AFRP tendons  
    Y.J. Kim

    Nonlinear finite element analysis of unbonded post-tensioned concrete beams  
    U. Kim, P.R. Chakrabarti & J.H. Choi

    Predicting shear strength of cyclically loaded interior beam-column joints using GAs  
    A. Said & E. Khalifa

    Punching shear strength of RC slabs using lightweight concrete  
    H. Higashiyama, M. Mizukoshi & S. Matsui

    Shear strength and deformation prediction in steel fiber RC beams  
    T. Nyomboi & H. Matsuda

    Torsional resistance of confined brick masonry panel  
    P.K. Singh

    Steel structures

    Effect of shear lug on anchor bolt tension in a column base plate  
    P.K. Khan

    Elastic-plastic bending load-carrying capacity of steel members  
    P. Juhás

    Local stability and carrying capacity of thin-walled compressed members  
    P. Juhás, M. Al Ali & Z. Kokorud’ová

    Finite element analysis of wind induced buckling of steel tank  
    S. Borgersen & S. Yazdani

    Performance based analysis of RBS steel frames  
    P. Alexa & I. Ladar

    Practical non-prismatic stiffness matrix for haunched-rafter pitched-roof steel portal frames  
    H.K. Issa & F.A. Mohammad

    Relationship between strength of scaffolds and shear rigidity of frames
    H. Takahashi, K. Ohdo & S. Takanashi

    Sequential failure analysis of tension braced MRFs
    M. Lotfollahi & M.M. Alinia

    The optimization of the industrial steel building
    T. Žula & S. Kravanja

    Composite structures

    A finite element model for double composite beam
    S. Duan, R. Niu, J. Xu & H. Zheng

    A new composite element for FRP-reinforced concrete slabs
    Y.X. Zhang & Y. Zhu

    An experimental study on double steel-concrete composite beam specimens
    S.J. Duan, J.W. Wang, Q.D. Zhou & H.L. Wang

    Behaviour of FRP wrapped circular reinforced concrete columns  
    M.N.S. Hadi & V. Yazici

    Contribution of NSM CFRP bars in shear strengthening of concrete members  
    A.K.M.A. Islam

    Effect of transverse reinforcing on circular columns confined with FRP  
    G. Ghodrati Amiri, A. Jaberi Jahromi & B. Mohebi

    Experimental investigation of FRP wrapped RC circular and square hollow columns  
    M.N.S. Hadi & Y. Kusumawardaningsih

    Numerical study on strengthening composite bridges  
    K. Narmashiri & M.Z. Jumaat

    Repair systems for unbonded post-tensioned 1-way & 2-way slabs with CFRP  
    P.R. Chakrabarti, U. Kim, M. Busciano & V. Dao

    Strengthening a concrete slab bridge using CFRP composites  
    S.H. Petro, J.T. Peaslee & T.G. Leech

    Strengthening effect of CCFP for RC member under negative bending  
    I. Yoshitake, S. Hamada, K. Yumikura & Y. Mimura

    Structural behaviour of reinforced palm kernel shell foamed concrete beams  
    U.J. Alengaram, M.Z. Jumaat & H. Mahmud

    Dynamic impact and earthquake engineering

    A note on the model based on the constant Q damping assumption and its corrected models  
    A.S. Takahashi

    A neural-oscillator model for human-induced lateral vibration on footbridges  
    M. Yoneda

    Analysis of large dynamic structures in the entertainment industry
    D.P. Cook & R.T. Robinson

    Comparison of different standards for progressive collapse evaluation procedures
    A. Saad, A. Said & Y. Tian

    Correlation between minimum building strength and the response modification factor
    L.G. Daza

    Effect of infill walls in structural response of RC buildings  
    I. Idrizi, N. Idrizi, Z. Idrizi, S. Idrizi & I. Idrizi

    Estimation of statically equivalent seismic forces of single layer reticular domes  
    H. Abdolpour, Z. Zamanzadeh & A. Behravesh

    Experimental study of RC slab-CFT column connections under seismic deformations  
    Y. Su & Y. Tian

    Identification of frequency dependency of quality factor in subsurface ground  
    O. Tsujihara

    Integrated design and construction to mitigate wind-induced motions of tall buildings  
    K. Moon

    Mitigation of high acceleration shock waves in hybrid structures
    S.G. Ladkany & S. Sueki

    Prefabricated multi-story structure exposed to engineering seismicity
    J. Witzany, T. Cejka & R. Zigler 

    Satisfying drift and acceleration criteria with double FP bearing  
    M. Malekzadeh & T. Taghikhany

    Seismic analysis of interlocking block in wall–foundation–soil system
    M.S. Jaafar, F. Hejazi, A.A. Abang Ali & J. Noorzaei

    Shear crack width of RC column with cut-off rebar under cyclic loading
    T. Tsubaki, M. Dragoi & J. Onishi

    Structural behavior of steel frame connections subjected to blast
    G.S. Urgessa & T. Arciszewski

    Bridges and special structures

    Applicability of AASHTO LRFD live load distribution factors for nonstandard truck load  
    Y.J. Kim, R. Tanovic & R.G. Wight

    Full scale test on a bridge PC box girder
    C. Mircea, A. Ioani & Z. Kiss

    Long-term deflections of long-span bridges
    J. Navrátil & M. Zich

    Structural optimization and computation

    A revised BESO method for structures with design-dependent gravity loads
    X. Huang & Y.M. Xie

    Investigating the buckling behaviour of single layer dome form of space structures  
    Z. Zamanzadeh, H. Abdolpour & A. Behravesh

    Reasoning on structural timber design for target reliability  
    L. Ozola

    Shape optimization of shell structures with variable thickness  
    M. Kegl, D. Dinevski & B. Brank

    Structural damage detection in plates using wavelet transform  
    G. Ghodrati Amiri, A. Bagheri, S.A. Seyed Razzaghi & A. Asadi

    The non-local theories based on different types of weighted functions and its application  
    Z. Wang & Q. Yang

    The MINLP approach to structural synthesis  
    S. Kravanja & T. ™ula

    Construction materials

    Basic study on physical property for calcium-solidification material and on Ca-based concrete  
    A. Shimabukuro & K. Hashimoto

    Correlations between filler type and the self compacted concrete properties  
    M. Gheorghe, N. Saca & L. Radu

    Delphi study on Portland cement concrete specifications of ITD  
    H. Sadid, V. Miyyapuram & R. Wabrek

    Effects of bamboo material on strength characteristics of calcium-based mortar  
    H. Kawamura, K. Hashimoto & A. Shimabukuro

    Effects of remediation and hauling on the air void stability of self-consolidating concrete  
    N. Ghafoori & M. Barfield

    Estimation of marine salt behavior around the bridge section  
    E. Iwasaki & M. Nagai

    Evaluation of alkali-silica reactivity using aggregate mineralogy and expansion tests  
    N. Ghafoori & M.S. Islam

    Evolution of Portland cement pervious concrete construction  
    J.T. Kevern

    Experimental research on regional confined concrete columns under compression  
    X.M. Cao, J.C. Xiao, Z.H. Huang & T.J. Ren

    Experimental study on dry-shrinkage of lightweight cement mortar  
    T. Watanabe & A. Mori

    Flexural behavior of high strength stone dust concrete  
    V. Bhikshma, R. Kishore & N.H.M. Raju

    Hemp: Rediscovered raw building material
    F. Khestl

    Influence of admixtures on performance of roller compacted concrete  
    P. Hafiz & A.R. Khaloo

    Investigation of the effect of aggregate on the performance of permeable concrete
    C. Lian & Y. Zhuge

    Investigations on flexural behavior of high strength manufactured sand concrete
    V. Bhikshma, R. Kishore & C.V. Raghu Pathi

    Moisture permeability and sorption-desorption isotherms of some porous building materials
    R. Miniotaite

    Nested ANOVA model applied to evaluate variability of ready-mixed concrete production  
    C. Videla & C. Imbarack

    On characteristics of bamboo as structural materials  
    T. Tada, K. Hashimoto & A. Shimabukuro

    Optimization of fly ash content in suppressing alkali-silica reactivity
    N. Ghafoori & M.S. Islam

    Overdosing remediation of plastic SCC exposed to combined hauling time and temperature  
    N. Ghafoori & H. Diawara

    Research into the optimum level of rock-derived micro-fine particles in sand for concrete
    T. Kaya, K. Hashimoto & H. Yamamoto

    Retempering remediation of transported SCC under extreme temperatures  
    H. Diawara & N. Ghafoori

    Strength property of concrete using recycled aggregate and high-volume fly ash  
    T. Ishiyama, K. Takasu & Y. Matsufuji

    Strength, sorptivity and carbonation of geopolymer concrete  
    A.A. Adam, T.C.K. Molyneaux, I. Patnaikuni & D.W. Law

    Suitability of some Ghanaian mineral admixtures for masonry mortar formulation  
    M. Bediako, E. Atiemo, S.K.Y. Gawu & A.A. Adjaottor

    Ultra light-weight self consolidating concrete  
    M. Hubertova & R. Hela

    Wood use in Type I and II (noncombustible) construction  
    D.G. Bueche

    Composite materials

    Computational models for textile reinforced concrete structures  
    W. Graf, M. Kaliske, A. Hoffmann, J.-U. Sickert & F. Steinigen

    Properties of natural fiber cement boards for building partitions  
    Y.W. Liu & H.H. Pan

    Studies on glass fiber reinforced concrete composites – strength and behavior  
    B.L.P. Swami, A.K. Asthana & U. Masood

    Use of bamboo composites as structural members in building construction  
    T.H. Nguyen, T. Shehab & A. Nowroozi

    Young’s modulus of newly mixed cementitious extrusion-molded materials  
    T. Watanabe & A. Mori

    Construction methods

    Active pier underpinning of Jin-bin light rail bridge in Tianjin  
    J. Bu, N. Sun & S. Huang

    CFRP liner quality control for repair of prestressed concrete cylinder pipe  
    A. Allan & H. Carr

    Configuration, evaluation and selection tool (CET) for tunnel construction methods  
    B. Schaiter & G. Girmscheid

    Formwork specific, process orientated geometrical-path-velocity-time-model (GPVT-model)
    M. Kersting & G. Girmscheid

    Open building manufacture systems: A new era for collaboration?  
    M.D. Sharp & J.S. Goulding

    Precast ferrocement barrel shell planks as low cost roof
    S.F. Ahmad

    Tall building boom – now bust?  
    I.R. Skelton, D. Bouchlaghem, P. Demian & C. Anumba

    The state-of-the-art of building tall  
    I.R. Skelton, D. Bouchlaghem, P. Demian & C. Anumba

    Construction management

    An anatomy of speculative claims in construction  
    H.Y. Pang & S.O. Cheung

    Builders’ perceptions of the impact of procurement method on project quality  
    S. Saha & M. Hardie

    Business model of the prefab concrete industry – a two-dimensional cooperation network  
    T. Rinas & G. Girmscheid

    Conservation project management by the architectural digital photogrammetry  
    F. Navarro, A.L. Rodríguez, V. Ávila & C. Loch

    Construction productivity and production rates: Developing countries  
    C.R. Guntuk & E. Koehn

    Contractors’ influence within the design process of design-build projects
    H. Haroglu, J. Glass, T. Thorpe & C. Goodchild

    Delays in the Iranian construction projects: Stakeholders and economy
    E. Asnaashari, A. Knight & A. Hurst

    Designing the relationship between contractor and client to partnership
    K. Spang

    Determining schedule delay causes under the Build-Operate-Transfer model in Taiwan
    J.B. Yang & C.C. Yang

    Dey Street Tunnel: The challenges of a design build project in a congested urban setting
    M. Trabold

    Developing a document management model for resolving contract disputes for contractor
    J.B. Yang & K.M. Huang

    Development of a decision-making model for requirements management
    N. Krönert & G. Girmscheid

    Improving the MEP coordination process through information sharing and establishing trust
    T.M. Korman

    Key competences of design-build clients in the People’s Republic of China
    B. Xia & A.P.C. Chan

    PPP-risk identification and allocation model: The crucial success factor for PPPs
    T. Pohle & G. Girmscheid

    Privileges and attractions for private sector involvement in PPP projects
    A.P.C. Chan, P.T.I. Lam, D.W.M. Chan, E. Cheung & Y. Ke

    Training of skills and thinking in structural timber design
    L. Ozola

    Use of alternative dispute resolution in construction: A comparative study
    S.O. Cheung, P.S.P. Wong & P. Kennedy

    Construction maintenance and infrastructure

    Construction safety in the repair and maintenance sector  
    A.P.C. Chan, F.K.W. Wong, M.C.H. Yam, D.W.M. Chan, C.K.H. Hon, D. Dingsdag & H. Biggs

    Challenges of a substation and infrastructure upgrade in an urban downtown setting
    M.L. Cochrane & C.D. Wagner

    Construction of concrete embedded, direct fixation, ballasted, LVT and special trackwork
    K.H. Dunne, N. Slama & K. Wong

    Design issues of the Palmdale Water Reclamation Plant expansion  
    K. Monroe, J. Stanton, P. Wong & S. Maguin

    Fuzzy logic based diagnostic tool for management of timber bridges  
    S. Ranjith, S. Setunge, R. Gravina & S. Venkatesan

    Organizational behavior

    Behaviors of leadership in architectural offices
    E. Kasapoğlu

    Gendered behavior: Cultures in UK engineering and construction organizations
    B. Bagilhole

    Knowledge management (KM): ‘Integrating past experiences’  
    A. Weippert & S. Kajewski

    Managing innovative change within organisations and project team environments  
    A. Weippert & S. Kajewski

    Personality types of civil engineers and their roles in team performance
    K. Gautam & A. Singh

    System service oriented cooperation – lessons for the construction industry  
    D. Lunze & G. Girmscheid

    Sustainability and energy conservation

    Building environmental assessment tool  
    S. Vil ceková, E.K. Burdová & I. Šenitková

    Building passive design and hotel energy efficiency  
    B. Su & Q. Wang

    Climatic effects on building facades  
    R. Miniotaite

    Energy consumption related to winter housing thermal performance  
    B. Su

    Green energy and indoor technologies for smart buildings  
    F. Vranay, Z. Vranayova, D. Ocipova & D. Lukasik

    Indoor air quality, distribution systems and energy simulations  
    R. Nagy & I. Šenitková

    Structural sustainability of high performance buildings  
    M.M. Ali & P.G. Dimick

    The use of green materials in the construction of buildings’ structure  
    B.O. Russell

    Engineering economics

    An interactive model for reduction of failure costs: A process management approach  
    J.E. Avendano Castillo, S.H. Al-jibouri & J.I.M. Halman

    Forecasting low-cost housing demand in urban area in Malaysia using ANN  
    N. Yasmin Zainun & M. Eftekhari

    Influence of construction costs on schedule performance  
    J.A. Kuprenas

    LC maintenance strategy development and decision-making model for street maintenance  
    A. Fastrich & G. Girmscheid

    Macroeconomic costs within the life-cycle of bridges  
    T. Zinke, T. Wachholz & T. Ummenhofer

    Maintenance life cycle cost model for drainage systems of infrastructures  
    T. Gamisch & G. Girmscheid

    Trend analysis of cost performance for public work projects  
    P.P. Shrestha, D.R. Shields & L. Burns

    Smoothing methodology for time series data  
    F. Khosrowshahi

    Underlying mechanisms of failure costs in construction  
    J.E. Avendano Castillo, S.H. Al-jibouri & J.I.M. Halman

    Information technology

    A survey of the current i-Build practices in the Taiwanese construction industry  
    H.J. Chien, H.W. Chien & J.R. Chang

    Construction information technology and a new age of enlightenment  
    P.S. Brandon

    How building information modeling has changed the MEP coordination process  
    T.M. Korman, L. Simonian & E. Speidel

    Organisational e-readiness in the built environment: People, process, technology
    E.C.W. Lou & J.S. Goulding

    Technology projects and their impact on the engineering and construction process
    M.M. Shoura

    Geotechnical engineering, foundation and tunneling

    Dynamic effects of machines on foundations buildings  
    J. Vondrich & E. Thöndel

    Investigations of the dynamic state of turbo sets foundations  
    A.O. Kolesnikov, V.N. Popov & O.M. Kolesnikov

    Model tests on bearing capacity of soil-bags  
    H. Yamamoto & S. Jin

    The construction pre-control of a foundation pit in Shanghai  
    Y. Chen, Z. Yin, J. Wu, M. Wang, Y. Chen & R. Azzam

    Using BESO method to optimize the shape and reinforcement of underground openings  
    K. Ghabraie, Y.M. Xie & X. Huang


    Nader Ghafoori