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Challenges and Controversies in Applied Cognition Series

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Memory Distortions and Their Prevention

Memory Distortions and Their Prevention

1st Edition

Edited By Deborah L. Best, Margaret J. Intons-Peterson
February 05, 2015

This volume explores the well-documented phenomena of memory distortion in a variety of settings, as well as how it can be ameliorated or prevented altogether. The editors have recruited some of the very best researchers in the applied cognitive field to address these issues. These authors examine...

Applied Cognitive Psychology A Textbook

Applied Cognitive Psychology: A Textbook

1st Edition

By Douglas J. Herrmann, Carol Y. Yoder, Michael Gruneberg, David G. Payne
January 04, 2006

The field of applied cognitive psychology represents a new emphasis within cognitive psychology. Although interesting applied research has been published over the last several decades, and more frequently in the last dozen years, this is the first comprehensive book written about the progress in ...

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