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Challenges of Globalisation

About the Series

This series seeks to make systematic contributions to international debates over two intimately related issues:

  • The values that should inform the governance of modern states and the globalizing world in which they are increasingly enmeshed, in particular whether the liberal democratic values that sought to civilize the sovereign state need to be reconceived as global values.
  • The institutions that are needed to realize those values, be they local, national, regional, international, transnational or global.

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Globalisation and the Rule of Law

Globalisation and the Rule of Law

1st Edition

By Spencer Zifcak
December 05, 2006

Globalisation and the Rule of Law reassesses the idea of the 'rule of law' within the present complex and increasingly internationalised environment. There have been many books studying the phenomenon of globalisation and its economic, social or cultural consequences. This book, however, is the ...

Globalisation and Equality

Globalisation and Equality

1st Edition

Edited By Keith Horton, Haig Patapan
November 22, 2006

Is globalisation creating a more unequal world? Is it creating new forms of inequality? Does it make certain pre-existing forms of inequality more morally or politically significant than they would otherwise have been?Globalisation and Equality examines these and related questions, exploring the ...

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