1st Edition

Challenges of Globalization
New Trends in International Politics and Society

Edited By

Marika Lerch

ISBN 9781138507951
Published November 15, 2017 by Routledge
267 Pages

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Book Description

Globalization has been the "buzzword" in international political and academic discourse since the 1990s. It is used as a general descriptor of a world in which borders are becoming less and less important, while transnational flows of capital and goods, but also of ideas and people, cultural norms and values, crime, war, and viruses are increasing.

If globalization's dynamics are to be fully understood, a reasonable critique is to be formulated, and realistic political proposals to meet the challenges of globalization are to be developed, this complex phenomenon must be dissected. Challenges of Globalization brings together prominent authors of different national backgrounds. They look beyond the buzzword to provide a genuinely "global" view of globalization. The editors' introduction provides a "roadmap" through the globalization debate and shows the connections between the different aspects covered in detail in the various contributions.

This volume deals with two major issues: first, the economic, societal, ecological, and political consequences of globalization, including--but also going beyond--the identification of globalization's "winners and losers" worldwide; and second, solutions that have emerged from the current political debate to cope with the various challenges. These include the creation of new global governance structures, fostering a "global civil society" that might enhance the democratic legitimacy of global governance, and strategies to be implemented at national and regional levels, allowing states to adapt in ways that make liberalization compatible with development in poor countries and enable the rescue of the welfare state in rich countries.

Challenges of Globalization serves as a multi-dimensional and accessible introduction to the globalization debate, and will be of particular interest to academics, policymakers, and international agencies.

Table of Contents

Alfred Pfaller and Marika Lerch

Part 1: Globalization and Its Consequences
1. The Future of the State in an Era of Globalization
Bob Jessop
2. Islam and Globalization: Secularism,
Religion, and Radicalism
Sean L. Yom
3. The New World of Privatized Violence
Stefan Mair
4. Die Neustrukturierung der Geschlechterverhaltnisse
im entgrenzten Markt
Birgit Sauer

Part 2: Global Governance and Its Promises the Political
5. Transcending or Defending the World of States?
The United Nations and Its Members
Stephen Schlesinger
6. Containing Entropy, Rebuilding the State:
Challenges to International Order in the Age of Globalization
Hanns W. Maull
7. Beyond Multilateralism: Global Public Policy Networks
Jan Martin Witte, Wolfgang H. Reinicke, and Thorsten Benner

Part 3: Global Governance and Its Promises the Economic Dimension
8. A New Financial Architecture for Reducing Risks and
Severity of Crises
Stephany Griffith-Jones
9. Wanted: An International Exchange Rate Regime.
The Missed Lesson of the Financial Crisis
Heiner Flassbeck

10. World Trade Order and the Beginning of the Decline
of the Washington Consensus
Howard M. Wachtel
11. Let Countries Go Bankrupt: The Case for Fair and
Transparent Debt Arbitration
Kunibert Raffer

Part 4: Global Governance and the Environment
12. Globalization and Governance: Bleak Prospects
for Sustainability
James N. Rosenau
13. Eco-Labelling in the Globalised Economy
Ralph Piotrowski and Stefan Kratz
Part 5: "Prosperity for All": National Strategies in the Era
of Globalization
14. Social Democracy in the Globalized Post-industrial
Alfred Pfaller

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