1st Edition

Challenging Glass 4 & COST Action TU0905 Final Conference

Edited By Christian Louter, Freek Bos, Jan Belis, Jean-Paul Lebet Copyright 2014

    This proceedings volume of the Challenging Glass 4 & COST Action TU0905 Final Conference, held 6-7 February 2014 at the EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland, represents the Final Action Publication of the European research network COST Action TU0905 “Structural Glass – Novel design methods and next generation products”. It contains nearly 100 peer-reviewed papers – published by more than 180 authors from 22 different countries – that focus on the architectural and structural applications of glass in structures and facades. As such, it provides a profound state-of-the-art of structural glass design and engineering. A must-read for all architects, engineers, scientists, industry partners and other enthusiasts interested in this rapidly evolving and challenging domain.


    COST – European Cooperation in Science and Technology

    COST Action TU0905 Structural Glass – Novel design methods and next generation products
    J. Belis, C. Louter, J. Neugebauer & J. Schneider

    Activity report of COST Action TU0905 Working Group 1 – Predicting complex loads on glass structures
    M. Vandebroek, J. Neugebauer, M. Larcher, V. Rajcic & R. Zarnic

    Activity report of COST Action TU0905 Working Group 2 – Material characterization and material improvement
    J. Schneider, R. Karvinen, M. Vandebroek & G. Savineau

    Activity report of COST Action TU0905 Working Group 3 – Post-fracture performance and integrated design methods
    M. Overend & D. Honfi

    Activity report of COST Action TU0905 Working Group 4 – Novel glass assemblies
    C. Louter, F. Wellershoff, O. Marina, M. Stavrić, C. Bedon & J. Belis


    Building envelopes – A permeable interface for daylight and solar harvesting
    M. Andersen

    Responding to challenge
    G. Dodd

    M. Grohmann

    Smooth free-form glass skins
    J. Raynaud

    Searching for common sense solutions – When the human aspect guides technology
    P. Vincent


    Parametrically generated geometry of the glass metal reinforcement layer
    O. Marina, B. Trajanoska & E. Filipovska

    Electronically tintable glass – Greater design freedom without compromise
    H. Sanders & A. Andreau-Wiedenmaier


    The transparent façade of the future – Maximizing transparency with self-supporting glass façades
    K. Doulkari

    Interior stress monitoring of laminated cold bent glass with fibre bragg sensors
    T. Fildhuth & J. Knippers

    Recovery behaviour of laminated cold bent glass – Numerical analysis and testing
    T. Fildhuth, J. Knippers, F. Bindji-Odzili, N. Baldassini & S. Pennetier

    Thermal load analysis of cylindrically bent insulating glass units
    N. Penkova,V. Iliev, L. Zashcova & J. Neugebauer

    Discretization of double curved surface
    M. Stavrić, M. Manahl & A. Wiltsche

    Thermally curved glass for the building envelope
    C. Timm & J. Chase

    Principal strains in foam spacer systems of curved double glazed units under climatic loads
    F. Wellershoff & M. Förch


    A novel glass façade meeting compliance with high environmental targets
    H. De Bleecker, C. Scholz, D. Mocibob & P. Standaert

    The Broad – Highly sophisticated glass façade behind a GFRC veil
    S. Feirabend, P. Eckardt & M. Benning

    Development of a process mapping for glass façade renovations
    B. Marradi & M. Overend

    Causes of distortion
    J. Neugebauer & M. Stavrić

    Analytical extension of a climate load model for undercut point fitted IGU
    M. Tibolt, O. Hechler & C. Odenbreit


    Hybrid steel-fibre reinforced glass beams – Experimental and numerical analysis
    S. Agnetti & E. Speranzini

    Static and dynamic testing of timber-glass composite wall panels
    B. Ber, M. Premrov, A. Strukelj, I. Sustersic & B. Dujic

    The design, testing and construction of a folded reinforced glass structure
    P.L. Carvalho, P.J.S. Cruz & F.A. Veer

    Application of timber‐glass composite (TGC) structures for building construction
    A. Fadai & W. Winter

    A 12 meter long segmented post-tensioned steel-glass beam (TVT Gamma)
    M. Froli & V. Mamone

    Numerical modelling of a laminated glass beam reinforced with pre-stressed cables
    S. Jordão, M. Pinho, J.P. Martins, A. Santiago & P.J.S. Cruz

    Experimental investigation on timber-glass composite I-beams
    M. Kozłowski, E. Serrano & B. Enquist

    The mechanical performance of adhesively bonded steel-glass composite panels – Medium-scale tests and numerical models
    S. Nhamoinesu, M. Overend, V.A. Silvestru, & O. Englhardt

    Application study for hybrid adhesively bonded glass-steel façade elements
    V.A. Silvestru & O. Englhardt

    Deformation of Spannglass beams during post-tensioning
    B. Weller & M. Engelmann


    DuraSeal – Durability design of insulating glass units – A status report
    S. Buddenberg, J. Beyer & M. Oechsner

    Insulating glass with flexible spacers in architectural glass applications
    C. Rubel

    A finite element for insulating glass units
    D. Velchev & I.V. Ivanov


    Structural steel-glass façade panels with multiple flanks bonded joints
    B. Abeln, C. Richter & M. Feldmann

    Embedded point fittings in laminated and double insulating units
    P.J.S. Cruz, P.L. Carvalho, E. Silva & P. Rocha

    Experimental research on the failure of adhesive point-fixings between annealed and metal under uniaxial load
    J. Dispersyn, T. Van der Biest & J. Belis

    Novel laminar silicone applications
    F. Doebbel, U. Mueller, M. Teich & S. Marinitsch

    Effects of surface pretreatments on adhesive properties of glass and metals
    C. Kothe & B. Weller

    Folded plate structures made of glass laminates
    S. Marinitsch, C. Schranz & M. Teich

    Trends and requirements for adhesives with load bearing role
    M. Netusil & M. Eliasova

    The mechanical behavior of SentryGlas® and TSSA laminated polymers in cured and uncured state in uniaxial tensile test
    M. Santarsiero, C. Louter & J-P. Lebet

    Stress calculation of point fixed glazing – New aspects
    M. Seel & G. Siebert

    Experimental and numerical study on GFRP-glass adhesively bonded joints
    L. Valarinho, J.R. Correia, F.A. Branco & J. Sena-Cruz

    Durable high design strength in glass curtain wall
    P. Vandereecken, M. Elliott & M. Plettau

    A mounting element for higher modulus adhesive bonding of photovoltaic modules
    B. Weller & L. Tautenhahn


    Weathering of laminated glass – Degradation of interlayer mechanical properties
    L. Andreozzi, F. Zulli, S. Briccoli Bati, M. Fagone & G. Ranocchiai

    Point-fixed SentryGlas® overhead glazing – 11 years ageing performance
    M. Gallizia, J. Scheers, F. Arbos & C. Teixidor

    The design of laminated glass under time-dependent bending and buckling
    L. Galuppi & G. Royer-Carfagni

    Influence of environmental stresses to the ageing behaviour of interlayer
    M. Kothe & B. Weller

    Mechanical behaviour of polymer interlayers in explosion resistant glazing
    J. Kuntsche & J. Schneider

    The effects of environmental impacts on durability of laminated glass plates with interlayers (SG, EVA, PVB)
    T. Serafinavicius, J-P. Lebet, C. Louter, A. Kuranovas & T. Lenkimas

    Glass balustrades and French balconies – Design and testing
    B. Siebert

    Mechanical response of laminated glass plates subjected to impact loading
    S. Van Dam, J. Pelfrene, W. Van Paepegem & D. Lecompte


    Parametric 2D numerical investigation of the structural response of SG-laminated reinforced glass beams
    C. Bedon & C. Louter

    Numerical analysis of the debonding of the adhesive interlayer in a laminated glass plate
    F. Bernard, B. Krour, S. Benyoucef & B. Fahsi

    Efficient finite element models of laminated glass subjected to low-velocity impact
    I.V. Ivanov & T. Sadowski

    Numerical investigation on optimizing the process for stronger tempered glass
    J.H. Nielsen

    Numerical and experimental study of the peel test for assessment of the glass-PVB interface properties in laminated glass
    J. Pelfrene, S. Van Dam & W. Van Paepegem

    Investigations on determining the bending strength of thin glass
    J. Spitzhüttl, G. Nehring & I. Maniatis

    Load-bearing behaviour of splice-laminated glass beams for wide spans
    E. Trösch & B. Kassnel-Henneberg

    Strain distribution of thin out-of-plane loaded glass plates by photogrammetry
    B. Weller & L. Tautenhahn & T. Sauerborn


    The glass Sphinx – Theory to reality
    F.P. Bos, T. van der Heijden & R. Geurts

    Engaging transparency to empower community
    J. Colistra & N. Vakil

    Security and testing of the operable double skin facades of the Intesa San Paolo Tower in Turin
    P. Demontis & N. Baldassini

    Cable stayed glass façade in the market hall – Rotterdam
    M. Eekhout & P. van de Rotten

    Glass elevator shaft for the Mauritshuis – The Hague
    M. Eekhout & W. van der Sluis

    Form-stabilized glass façade for Erasmus Medical Center – Rotterdam
    M. Eekhout & L. Weber

    Analysis of glass fin moment connection for the building KAFD 1.14
    T. Gere

    Tottenham Court Road Station –
    Plaza entrances structures and buildings – “structural glass”
    J. Ludwig

    Long span glass structures
    G. Nieri & E. Trösch

    Glass columns
    R. Nijsse & E.H.J. ten Brincke

    Safety and feasibility of an all glass bridge with hot bended corrugated glass beams
    E.H.J. ten Brincke & R. Nijsse

    All-glass enclosures – Spaces for working and living
    P. Wilson


    Stability of flat glass panels under combined in-plane compression and shear
    C. Bedon & C. Amadio

    Stability of glass elements – TG12 final report
    C. Bedon, J. Belis, O. Englhardt, A. Luible, D. Mocibob & S. Reich

    Strengthening effect of structural sealants on the LTB behaviour of glass beams
    J. Belis & C. Bedon

    Large deformations and snap-through instability of cold-bent glass
    L. Galuppi, S. Massimiani & G. Royer-Carfagni

    The strength of enamelled glass
    P. Krampe

    Multi-scale analysis of structural glass strength
    G. Molnár & I. Bojtár

    A PUFEM model for glass strength in stress-corrosion regime
    C. Ronchetti, G. Salerno & A. Bilotta

    Load-bearing glass columns – The stacked column
    R.J.H. van Heugten, P.M. Teuffel, G. Lindner & R. Nijsse

    Influence of the number of test specimens on glass strength estimates
    M. Vandebroek, R. Caspeele, J. Belis & C. Louter

    The relation between pre-stress and failure stress in tempered glass
    F.A. Veer & Y.M. Rodichev

    Loss of strength due to damage close to load bearing holes in annealed and fully tempered glass
    F.A. Veer, R. Nijsse & A.C. Riemslag

    The mechanical performance of bi-treated glass
    M. Zaccaria & M. Overend

    Ultrasonic examination of sheet glass macrostructure
    V.A. Zubkov & N.V. Kondratieva


    Performance of structural glass during fire
    S. Bawa, L. Ji & P. Lenk

    The works on a Eurocode for structural glass – Report from CEN TC 250/WG 3
    M. Feldmann & R. Kasper

    Investigations of correlation between snow, wind and temperature during periods of snow
    N. Grammou & J. Schneider

    Why glass structures fail? – Learning from failures of glass structures
    D. Honfi, A. Reith, L.G. Vigh & Gy. Stocker

    Reliability assessment of glass structures subjected to extreme loading
    P. Lenk & M. Baran

    Factory production control for glass in structural application
    E. Mognato, A. Barbieri & M. Schiavonato


    Christian Louter, Freek Bos, Jan Belis, Jean-Paul Lebet