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Changing Images of Early Childhood

About the Series

Books in this forward-thinking series challenge existing practices in early childhood education and reflect the changing images of the field. The series enables readers to engage with contemporary ideas and practices of alternative perspectives which deviate from those theories traditionally associated with the education of young children and their families. Not only do these books make complex theory accessible, they provide early childhood educators with the tools to ensure their practices are backed by appropriate theoretical framework and strong empirical evidence.

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Diversities in Early Childhood Education Rethinking and Doing

Diversities in Early Childhood Education: Rethinking and Doing

1st Edition

Edited By Celia Genishi, A. Lin Goodwin
October 29, 2007

This collection, edited by leaders in the field of early childhood and multicultural education, is a valuable resource for those studying and working with young children. Chapters emphasize the relationship between theory, research, and practice, and provide illustrations of equitable and ...

Shift to the Future Rethinking Learning with New Technologies in Education

Shift to the Future: Rethinking Learning with New Technologies in Education

1st Edition

By Nicola Yelland
October 05, 2006

New technologies are dramatically changing the face of education and the nature of childhood itself. In Shift to the Future, Nicola Yelland examines the ways in which these technologies are reshaping the social, personal, and educational experiences of childhood, and explores the curricular ...

Rethinking Parent and Child Conflict

Rethinking Parent and Child Conflict

1st Edition

By Susan Grieshaber
March 16, 2004

The book draws from Foucault's notion of power-knowledge-resistance and feminist poststructuralism to offer a re-theorization of parent-child conflict....

Childhood and Postcolonization Power, Education, and Contemporary Practice

Childhood and Postcolonization: Power, Education, and Contemporary Practice

1st Edition

By Gaile S. Cannella, Radhika Viruru
March 25, 2004

This book opens the door to the effects of intellectual, educational, and economic colonization of young children throughout the world. Using a postcolonial lens on current educational practices, the authors hope to lift those practices out of reproducing traditional power structures and push our ...

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